Maybe it's just me.

I really do love reading the stories, confessions, and tall tails, people write on "NaughtPosts". However if you folks are going to post a tail, fictional or true, at least make some of the details a little bit realistic. It kind of sucks when you're reading along and you get to the part where the man is jacking off. Jilling off, or wanking, (whatever you call it), and it take him an hour or two to cum. "REALLY ". Dude, I don't care, if I'm fucking, or jacking off to porn of some type. I'm looking at maybe 20 minutes to a half hour, at the most. Sometimes 5~10 minutes depending on how long it's been. Or maybe its just me, just saying you know. Whatever still love the stories

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  • I can last hours! “Edging” I do it way to much. Bring myself to the brink, and hold it there, for as long as possible. I jerk it for about 2hours a night I would say, once everyone in the house is asleep, inc the wife. If I cum to quick then I usually leave the porn on and after about 20 mins I go again. I’m totally addicted lol

  • Me too. It keeps me in a pleasurable, erotic state right on the edge of cumming for hours at a time. Wonderful. Sometimes I do not want a quickie but to prolong the pleasure.

  • Yeah everyone seems to last forever or have multiple orgasms. Come on guys, you know that there’s a recharge period, so quit acting like it doesn’t happen to you.

  • I know, give me a few hours sleep in between.

  • Hey... lt takes me forever to cum, maybe cause l drink too much.

  • That's true when I drink I'm have a hard time cumming

  • Yeah me too.After a skin full it sometimes takes me anywhere between an hour or 2 before I cum or sometimes never cum at all,just as long as she's happy.

  • I'd like to add better grammar to the request for crying out loud. Make it read proper. Thanks.

  • Make it read proper. I hope that was a sarcastic comment because the grammatical forms you are utilizing fair no better than the original poster.

  • They fare no better, that's true.

  • This is also true. However you have to keep in mind the education level of some of the folks who are fabricating these stories. Because being realistic, you stop and think about it, if even 20% of these stores are true, the rest of us have really boring sex lives.

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