My best friends husband

I’m 28 and was visiting my married friends in Florida over a weekend who put me in the guest room slash home office. I found some of his porn videos and before long was rubbing up a storm and cumming. His wife and I went shopping the next morning and dropped me at home before going to her work. It then dawned on me that I had forgot to put his porn vid back in the drawer.
I quietly went into the office and he was at the computer but didn’t say a thing and went back to his room and allowed me my space. I checked and the video was on the desk. I left it there.
I went to the bathroom and walked past their room and the door wasn’t closed all the way. I stopped and watched for about a minute. He was lying on his bed with his cock in his hand and slowly stroking the shaft which looked huge.
I made a noise of going to the bathroom and felt soooo horny, because I think he saw me sneaking a peep.
When I came out I asked if he was okay. He said he had strained a muscle in his neck and was resting. I offered to massage his neck and he agreed. While Deep rubbing his neck I noticed he had no underwear on and I had a view of his cocks head just sneaking out of his shorts and laying on his upper leg with precum dripping. My nipples were stiff and I rubbed them on his back. I was wet and he was dripping. We played at this for 5 minutes. Nothing came of that encounter but I look forward to the next visit.

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  • My wife has a really hot friend. If she were rubbing my neck with her hard nipples against my back, I would take that as a sign of arousal. I'd probably have to fuck her, if no one else was at home.

  • This post doesn't really have anything to do with family, but you should have fucked him. You know you both wanted it. I think you need a good pussy pounding before you go back to visit. I don't think you can wait.

  • His house, his tapes and no
    Courtesy blowjob. Where are we at in today’s society? My girl has a friend who can keep her hands off my cock

  • Wtf... you left him hanging?

  • Only perverts still have porn videos. How could you not suck his dick?! If I see a dick, I’m sucking it. Especially if there’s no one else home! You owe him a suck and fuck.

  • Hot!

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