Sexy Toy

I am a male in my 40s married now. I’m technically bisexual but haven’t been with a guy in years. When I was in my teens and 20s I had a cross dresser fetish only in the privacy of another man. I pulled it off very well as far as my appearance and my butt which was perfect. I dated mostly older men and a preference for black men. I’d have sex in their beds and in motels. They knew of course I was a man but the illusion was nearly perfect. I had sex with so many men and then one day I stopped. I still think back of the numerous times I was in bed getting anal in lingerie or slutty clothes and I still get hard wanting that again but I suppress it most of the time.

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  • Im a sissy fag and love blowing real men

  • I crossdressed and gave a man a blowjob a few times. Havent seen him in a while, but he is the only person I have shown me dressed up, and the only man I have ever played with.

  • CD takes it to another level doesn’t it??? I wish I was as hot as I was then

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