Testing her limits

We have been married almost thirty years and a few years ago she was going thru menopause so love making hit a standstill but she told me that even though she was not feeling like having sex I still needed to be satisfied. She told me that she would give me massages and blow jobs anytime I was feeling like I needed it and I replied back to her that daily would be good with me. She does have days where she is feeling like a complete love making session but they are months apart so for the last several months I have been asking for it a lot just to see how much she will do.
It has seemed to have an opposite effect on how often she gives me an orgasm, she asked me after several times of basically presenting my cock to her and getting pleasured if my sex drive had lessened over the years. I told her not at all, I would have sex twice a day everyday if I could do it. So by telling her this she is now grabbing my cock all the time and pleasuring me far more than ever. I just spent the last month going to her anytime I wanted and seeing if she would pleasure me and she never said no once. I was amazed at how many times she sucked me off as well, I figured she would give me a hand job more than sucking but she did not and one weekend she told me that she was feeling pretty horny herself so she went out and picked up some lube and told me to make love to her as much as I wanted that day. I licked, sucked and screwed her speechless that day, she literally took a nap in the afternoon telling me she was worn out from all the sex. When she woke up and told me she felt much better now and we had another two hour love making session where she had countless orgasms. She told me she felt like we were back in college.
I also told her a few fantasies that I have been harboring for a while, I have been working out of our house for the last few years and one of them was to have a suckyoutary for the day, my day lasts about five hours on a bad day. I told her I wanted her under my desk sucking my cock constantly, she told me she would never last that long but would do it as long as she could for this fantasy of mine.
I went started working and she came in about fifteen minutes later with a towel and large water bottle, she slid under the desk and started slowly sucking on me. Her first session lasted well over an hour and she returned about a half hour later and did a wonderfully long session of just sucking again. I would say that she did about three hours of cock sucking for me and I loved every second of it and told her she was amazing.
She is truly an amazing woman and I think that being honest with her and telling her all of the things I dream about has given me some of the best sex I could have ever dreamed of in my life.

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  • I like to 'test' my gf's limits too. Usually with the help of this piece of kit....

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