Gross out limits are few

So, I really love eating pussy. I mean, it's my favourite thing for sure. What I really love is to eat menstruating pussy. From the salty-iron flavour to the extra fluid and chunks of clot. I'll eat that shit like it's the best breakfast I've ever had. A fantasy of mine is to stretch my girl's pussy so much that I can fit my face in there and suck the menstrual blood right out of her cervix. Is that nasty enough for you? I realise now that I have few limits when it comes to a woman's bodily fluids. Yummm.



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  • Rainbow kisses yum yum.

  • It is a fantasy of mine to have my pussy eaten I'm on my pierod. I'm so horny when I'm on.

  • Gross dude, might as well eat some rusty iron mixed in with runny diarrhea.

  • I get the rusty iron comment (you do taste the iron oxide), but runny diarrhea? What kind of pussy have you been eating?

  • How about eating out the pussy of a corpse at a mortuary ?.

  • Beyond my got me

  • Filthy cunt fuck off your gross

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