Went too far

I love exposing myself. My bf finds it hot when I play with my tits or spread my legs in front of other men. When we fuck and talk dirty we take it a step further and ask things like if I'd love sucking off every guy who's staring, or ask my bf if he'd like to see his girl rub her ass on their cocks. Well I always found it hot and I knew it was a dangerous game, but it finally happened today. I had worn a short skirt and tank top out to the mall. I knew my ass was visible, but that was the point! There was a specific man who took a liking to me and followed me around. Since he was following me I thought I'd put on an extra show for him. Whenever I could I'd spread my legs just enough to show him my bare pussy. I was pretty horny from earlier that day and saw no harm in teasing him. He knew at this point I was giving only him a show. I'd flash my tits and wink at him. I smacked my ass for him. I even rubbed my pussy while he looked my way. I was getting way too excited and this was bad but I loved the way he looked at me. I realized this was going too far and went to the least used restroom in the mall so I could fuck myself in peace real quick. Bad idea. The man from earlier had followed me in here too and knew what I was doing. He told me only a whore in desperate need of cock would go around teasing a man like that. I told him I had to go but he dropped his pants and waved his hard cock right in my face. I should've looked away and left. I should've just gone home. But I was so hot from teasing him and fucking myself that all I craved was dick in my mouth. I sucked him off for about 5 minutes before he layed me down on the cold floor and got on top of me. I knew this wasn't right but I couldn't help how horny I felt and spread my legs as he fucked me. I couldn't believe I was letting a stranger casually fuck me but I loved it. I felt like such a slut as he pumped me. I knew I had done this to myself by teasing him too much and it just made me excited thinking about other guys I could tease. He came inside me but I didn't mind. I was still moaning thinking about what just happened. He gave me his number after a couple more minutes of fucking me and I drove home. I had no regrets and told my bf what had happened. He seemed upset at first but the more I explained how it happened and how much I loved it the more it turned him on. I gave him a blow job as he asked me questions like if I enjoyed slutting around with strangers and if I was going to fuck more of them, which visibly turned us both on. It's night time now and all I can think of is teasing another man tomorrow. Best cheating experience ever <3

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  • Whenever my fiancée jerks me off, I always used to always tell that fantasize about her getting naked for other guys, especially letting them see her pussy. Even though she has a sexy and fit body, I always wanted her to talk about that with me. Why? Because she’s still a virgin. This led to me eventually telling her to talk about her doing more with them, with all of it leading to these guys fucking her. My next question was always “do they know you’re still a virgin?” She at first said no, but I emphasized that they should. After a few times jerking me off and me telling to to talk to me about another man taking her virginity, she asked me if I wanted it to happen. After confirming it, she’s been helping me fantasize bout her losing her virginity to another man. This led to me getting permission to talk to bulls, to show them some of her nudes, and to let them know how badly I want them to feel her tight, virgin cunt squeeze their huge cocks.

    I hope I get lucky like your boyfriend!

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