I would like to make oral love to a woman

I am 35 years old and ever since I have been having thoughts about being alone with a woman I have been having the thought that I would like to not go down on her but suck her tits and lick her bush,if she's shaved on her pubic area then I would like to still do it I know I am being a very turned on and well, I guess I should say or not say "nasty boy" to tell you that is as nasty as it would be for her and me, sorry to disappoint any readers.

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  • I hope you get what you want cause it sounds confusing to me

  • This fuckin' comment is not intended for me,no it's not

  • Comment you're confused let me tell you what I want is to kiss her from head to toe

  • Love the comment 😀 thanks now lol to me means love a lot thanks

  • Don't be confused about these words

  • The guy is talking about kissing her from head to toe

  • It's like a fetish or not it's a want and I would love to do it and to the comment the last comment I should say baby I want to

  • I don't give a goddamn now to hell with this shit

  • I would love for you to suck on my titties ;) but i doubt you're into girls with guts

  • Describe yourself girl with guts

  • To hell with you bitch with guts

  • The donkey comment is for the girl with guts and the comment about cut yourself open

  • I really don't give a damn so what y'all suck a donkey y'all bitches with your godamn comments

  • To hell with this goddamn shit its all not true

  • Guts really cut yourself open so you don't have any guts

  • Suce nichons (french) ? yes

  • How big are they

  • You mean the next to last comment

  • Hold it honey I'm not afraid no I'm not

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