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Has anyone here ever fucked someone who did not speak/understand your language and you didn't speak/understand theirs?

I'm 36, own my own business doing framing, drywall, and plastering, and I recently did work on the house of a Filipino client who was in her 30s. She spoke English, but her mom, who was likely in her late 60s, didn't and lived with her. I said I could remodel a couple of rooms and it would take 2 days. My client agreed to the price and I started working. My client was at work at her own job during the day, so I was working while her mom was the only one at the house. Outside of "hello," "good morning," "lunch," "thank you," and a couple of other words, the mom did not understand English at all. That was fine. I was there to do my job, not socialize.

When I was about done with the job, my client came home in tears. She said that she had her bank account levied by the government for back taxes and didn't have a dime to her name. I said I could take a credit card or set up an installment plan to pay for my work, but then she said that her mom was willing to help pay "in other ways." I'm not stupid and I knew what she meant. I said yes, though it was with the recognition that I was going to cheat on my wife for the first time ever after 13 years of marriage.

I got to fuck my client's mom three times over the next two days. She was really sweet, and seemed to enjoy it even. She was really into pleasing and got into it, and I think she had a couple of orgasms even. It was difficult to coordinate positions and the like, since we didn't understand a word that we said to each other. But she sucked dick better than my wife has ever done and her pussy felt great with some lube. On the last day I kissed her, thanked her, and went out and told her daughter that the bill was "paid."

I feel guilty about cheating on my wife, still have to figure out how to explain the lack of money in our account, but overall it was a fair deal. The language of sex is universal and a beautiful thing, even if you don't know someone's language.


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  • I was with a korean woman for alnost 4 years. Great body. Big nipples. Cute round butt. Submissive. Fantastic, sexy underwear. Sex was super. But English was her 2nd language, and she could be really hard to understand when we we talking face to face and especially on the phone. Pronouncing "r's" and "l's" was hard for her because there is no cooresponding sound in korean when you translate english to korean. For ex., she'd pronounce "Seoul" (the capital of south korea) as "Seo". No "l" sound. She could go all night though. Miss her.

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  • Haha...that was the maid not her mom....idiot lol

  • Hehe hired or fired maids 10$ an hour contractors 25$ lol

  • ¿. no comprehend, Korean maid and

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