Summer with my Pretty cousin

When In 16 my cousin Helen 17 came to spend the summer with me.
We both come from Hispanic families.
My neighbor and buddy at the time was white and it wasn’t long before him and my cousin were starting to become attracted to each other. My cousin wouldn’t do anything without me and one night when my family went out and let my friend stay over I noticed the attraction between Kelly and Helen getting stronger.It started off with kisses then each other daring the other. Show me your tits and I’ll show you my dick was the conversation they were having that night.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the two but i was pretty excited.
After Helen showing Kelly her tits his hands quickly went to her tits and then to his zipper. His cock semi hard was the first strange cock I had ever really seen.
He was similar in size to me just different in contrast. You could see the amazement in her eyes. Before you know he convinces her to touch it then suck it..
I didn’t think it would go any further until he tells her to lay down and then he eagerly tries to put his cock in her.He struggled for a little bit but once he was in you could notice from her moan,It wasn’t long till the moaning started from both. I
was very aroused from watching and after watching them fuck for about 15 min he pulls out. I look at him and ask him if it felt good and he says he’ll yes! Then he tells me to get on top and try it. You can tell she is waiting for me so I get on top and slowly start pumping away. It isn’t long before I unleash a huge load into her. It felt so nice and warm... a lot better feeling than stroking had ever felt You could tell She was excited from us both fucking her and we are all afraid at the same time.
We get dressed and don’t say anything.
Next day she ask about him and I ask if she wants him in her again and she said it felt good. I never penetrated her again after that night.. I was actually the look out guy while they fucked during the many times that summer.She would sneak to my bed at night and suck my cock dry as some sort of a reward for keeping eye. I never cared about her getting pregnant at all. I just know she made it the best summer ever!

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