Clingy or what? WTF.

I just started seeing this guy Ted. We met through friends, and we've been out on dates 3 times a week for two weeks, but we're not living together or anything. He's definitely potential boyfriend material, but we're still early in the process, imo. I don't consider him a boyfriend at this point, though it's close.

Ted wanted to go out on Friday night, but I said I had plans. He seemed a bit mopey and sad about it, but I said we would spend Saturday together. Well, my plans on Friday were to meet up with a couple of other hot guy friends and get laid. We did that. They like pussy (I have that), I like dick (they have that). They are also friends too. I've known both of them for a couple of years and hadn't seen either of them in a while.

On Saturday Ted asked me what I did on Friday, did I have a good time, etc., and I told him the truth: I fucked two guys that I'm friends with from the gym. Ted responded like I kicked him in the balls or something. So odd. He then said that he felt like he was in love with me, and how could I hurt him like that, and I said, "We've only gone out a few times. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet, right?" He said he felt like we were a couple and that he wants me to be his, no one else's. I said that sounds a little clingy and weird at this point. We've only been going out for two weeks.

There is a learning curve to every relationship, but I don't think Ted gets it. If he ends up being a boyfriend, I'll be faithful to him. Two weeks in? No, I'm not going to change my friends and way of life for him. I barely know what he is about as a person, and he should respect me for who I am.

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  • You had sex with two guys while also starting a successful relationship with another guy, without telling him beforehand. And you said HE just didn't get it? Gimme a break, you're obviously the one who doesn't get it, you sleaze ball

  • Hey, I credit you for being honest and direct.

  • How do you bang guys with out knowing them you should get to know them before getting to know there cocks sounds like your slutty and its gonna be hard to tie ya down

  • He finds long-term potential in you, which is why he is reacting this way. I'm not sure if you feel the same way, but respect his feelings, you animal. Do you want this relationship to move forward, or are you just going to be a slut?

  • Fuck him off, if you want a shag with your friends why not ? tell him he can watch and masturbate if he wishes, I think he is obsessive and be the only one that can to screw you, how inconsiderate.

  • He's a manipulative sociopath. He will be telling you he attempyed suicide because he loves you so much. Or beat you because you don't really love him. Get rid of him NOW.

  • Are you for real Hoe?

  • It seems like most burgeoning relationships often experience the dual perils of misleading and / or, misreading. He had assumed you were exclusive, and the two of you an item. That's on him ! You showed him that is, indeed, not the case, and not only that, you will never need or want him for sex because you have two boy toys stashed away, awaiting your call. You should've played those cards closer to your tits, honey . Staying mum about that, just saying, "I was out with friends" and not going into anything else. At best, he'll go on his way, and find somebody who wants an exclusive like him. I wish you the best of luck in your continued spit-roasting and double penetrations and keeping sex shallow and void of deeper relationships. Write about it on here, please !

  • Telling you that he's falling in love with you and stuff, that's clingy. Him being upset that you just got banged by two other dudes while you're courting him, that's not clingy, it's normal. Would you be ok if he was taking other girls out for romantic dinners, or even a trip abroad or something equivalent? You just should have lied about it, or date a dude who doesn't care that you're banging other dudes. Also, how does he know whether or not you are a couple? Do you issue an official statement? Chances are that if things were going well he could have thought you two were an item.

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