I want someone to tape my wife

I work graveyard shifts and my wife works days. Every night she sleeps alone and I always fantasize about some random guy sneaking into the house and raping her while she sleeps. I even have a digital house lock so it makes the fantasy even stronger. The thought of her being taken by a stranger against her will makes me so fucking horny I can't stand it. Sometimes I even think of coming home halfway through shift and ramming her right pussy mercilessly hoping she will wake up thinking it's a stranger so I can feel her initial panic and struggle against my body. I would never really hurt her as I love my wife dearly but these thoughts drive me fucking wild!

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtWWrHtRnAA
    why do you get the feeling she is always stealing someone elses story and past and in so doing so, she is stealing someone else's future. a future that should never have been a dirty married womans cunt so over used and soiled and not to mention unable to ever do what she promises at every wedding vow time. how many women in this world who have never been married once, who are lonely and with help could get thin anyway, could harry have chosen instead of this liar? is he really mr markle?

  • I don't have rape fantasies but I do fantasize a lot about my wife being a willing participant in a gang bang involving several of our neighborhood's husbands (who I know want to fuck her because they're always flirting with her and oggling her long legs whenever she's out and about in her mini skirts and cut-off shorts). In my fantasies I'm not there... I'm always out of town on a business trip while she satiates her lust for men with big cocks and heavy loads. Who knows? Maybe she's really doing this and I'm just clueless. God, I hope so!

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