So about a year ago I found out my ex wife had lesbian sex with a super hot milf, unfortunately I don't know details and I'm sure she's been with other girls, even though she now has a boyfriend. She denies that anything happened with that woman though. Embarrassed? Probably not. Maybe it was just something special, who knows. But, when her and I were together she wouldn't even kiss me after I went down on her and if I ever brought up the possibility of her being with a woman she'd say, it'll never happen, I'm not into women. Knowing now, that she's been fully sexually active with another woman I can't help but feel a little lied to or even kinda ripped off (for lack of a better way to say it)
I wonder now, was she always really into other women or is this just a new thing? & why would it be such a secret ?

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  • Don't feel ripped off. She didn't like you after a while, and she is an ex for a reason. And it isn't just because of the sex.

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