My wife has a boyfriend

My wife told me a few months ago she was very tempted by a man at her work. After talking I told her it was ok for her to give in if she could not help herself. She is now seeing him regularly. She tells me about everything and I have even gone out with them and watched.

I know it's wrong, but it seems to be working for us.

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  • It would seem that there's some truth to the "dirty 30's" theory.When women hit their 30's they do go through a change.
    I had a couple of friends whose marriage ended when the guy walked out leaving his wife with 2 kids.They'd been together since teens and married 5 years.She was in her late 20's and I stayed friends with her.Helped her and the kids out,by visiting them and doing jobs around the house and garden.When the kids were in bed we would chat and have a few drinks.I've always found her attractive and won't lie but I desperately wanted to get in her pants.Wasn't till quite some time later we were chilling one evening and she just started kissing me then climbed on top of me.She fumbled for my zip so I undid it and pulled down my shorts and lifted her dress up and knickers to the side and I slid up her easily as she was soaked.We had a great fuck with many more to follow and its been 2 years and I've been dating her ever since.

  • I'm 40 and married. I've been sleeping with another man for the past 3 years. My wife is too sporatic in when she wants sex. Could be once a week. Could be once in 3 months. My gay friend wants it twice a week every week and I'm happy to oblige him

  • Eeewwwww

  • I'm 31 and married and nowadays I constantly think of cheating or having a fuck buddy.Just another man to help me blow off some steam or de-stress.My hubby just doesn't appease me enough.

  • Me too. I'm 33 and my husband doesn't initiate sex often, and it upsets me when he says he's too tired, etc., when I try to initiate it. We have sex maybe once every two weeks, if that. It's gotten me so upset and riled up that I can't be around my friends' husbands without thinking about mounting them to get some relief.

  • Maybe he wouldn't mind if you told him this is how it needs to be?

  • When my wife was in her late 20s early 30s I had a hard time keeping up. She was always craving sex. She had a couple of "friends" with whom I knew she was getting busy, but we didn't talk about it much. Now she's in her late 40s and doesn't want sex at all. If your lady is at her peak in terms of sexuality, you might just have to deal with it. As long as she is good to you, it can be tolerable.

  • It...honestly excites me

  • Yeah sometimes us girls need a bit more,if they have a sexual appetite that one man can't fulfill or their man is not up to the Job.I was 24, before I was married.My fiancĂ© was away.I was texting an older male friend and he offered to come over to keep me company and relieve my boredom.I knew he was after more.Anyway after he'd been round for a couple hours things got interesting.We fucked right there on the sofa.Best fuck ever,biggest dick ever.I knew right then that I'd be fucking this guy alot.
    I'm 29 now and after over 2 years I've gone back to fucking this guy.

  • Does your husband know?

  • No he doesn't,thankfully my lover is very discreet.

  • Thats gr8 my wife has about 3 boyfriends and we all always have fun

  • You watch?

  • That is just so wonderful

  • If it works for you.

  • Thank you. I do feel a sense of humiliation to watch them together, but also real excitement.

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