Is he cheating?

I think my husband is up to no good. We've been married 9 years, together 12, We have 2 children. Everything is great but past few months he pays me no attention, he never kisses or gropes me. Sex is every Saturday, although it's very very good sex, he just doesn't seem to be interested in me outside of the bedroom. We love each other deeply yet he's also a bit off with his mobile phone. I asked to use it the other day and he went on it first, quickly scrolled etc then he dialled in my nan's number , then handed me the phone. Advice please.

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  • SO many people cheat. I have been with countless married men who didn’t want to leave their wives. It’s nice. Accept it. Marriage is an artificial construct and monogamy isn’t natural.

  • I think that he is cheating or lining up to be, sounds like he is not a bad man, stick around with him and enjoy what you have it will probably cease soon

  • Yeh well don't they all. look at the royals cheating. probably got a line up everywhere, there are too many royals now , they need to scale down and some need to take a back seat don't you think. so they don't cheap cheat.

  • He’s cheating. Leave him.

  • Get in that phone. When he’s sleep.

  • He has a male lover

  • I wouldn't be worried if he's still having sex with you regularly. Maybe he likes surfing porn on his phone, or has a friend with whom he trades pics. Guys like looking at pussy. As long as he is not fucking someone else, let him have his fun.

  • It probably is porn but I don't mind that and he knows that. So why hide it?

  • If you two are having sex weekly then I would not be to concerned about that after nine years. I love my wife and believe me it is a struggle not to cheat on her, I hug her from behind while sliding my hands up her shirt feeling her breasts, I grope her all the time and tell her how sexy she is but I am lucky if she wants to make love every quarter of a year. Seriously the last time we made love was February.

  • That's what I want.. to be desired and felt up. February? You're a patient man.

  • We are for sure daily for sure unless something is wrong you’re tuff

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