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I want to see my wife getting fucked by a guy with a huge cock for some time now. its a big turn on for me and i feel she is ready to try
now its time for my fantasy to come true

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  • I remember inviting a football athlete friend of mine that was in love with my girlfriends big rounded tits. He would constantly tell me how lucky I was. One day after practice I took a look at his cock and noticed how low hung his cock was.I did this a few times before I started feeling aroused at the thought of him having my girl. Finally one day I mentioned it to my girl on how turned on he was to her tits.i asked her if it was alright if he would be able to look at them. At first she was a little hesitant then asked to see him.When she saw him she suddenly thought why not he’s really cute.I then told my friend Cody I convinced her to show him her tits and let her feel them in exchange for letting her touch his cock. So one night after a game we all met and before you know she opened her shirt and showed him her tits. He was so excited he pulled opened his zipper and reached her hand on his cock. Thinking it would be quick she continued to rub his cock and he continued to rub then suck on her tits.Before you know it she just starts sucking on cock and starts these deep hot moans and he just lays back and finally makes a comment on how much bigger he is than me.By this time he was playing with her pussy and I knew they were both hot for each other. He gently pushes her away and ask if he can fuck her. Before I can say anything she says yes fuck me.I never seen her go so wild over a cock in her. These two were fucking each other’s brains out. He outlasted me way longer than I ever imagined. Not only that he made her cum as she rode his cock.About a month later I find out they both had been sneaking off to fuck each other in the middle of the night. Wasn’t long before that I knew his cock had won her over. I went off to college and heard they were still seeing each other. I lost a very gorgeous fit girl over something I wanted. She got a taste of his huge cock and never looked back

  • So, does she know about your lecherous designs for her? Have you discussed this?

  • Yes she knows I want to watch her getting fucked and we have talked about it but she hasn't said one way or the other. I think she wants to go through with it but is afraid she won't find anyone because she is a bbw

  • Set it up for her. She’s waiting but won’t say so.. trust me

  • I love bbws what does she look like

  • It was my fantasy for ever. This past winter it finally happened. It was greater than I thought it was going to be. Every time I close my eyes I can see her face as he went at it. I can also remember her noises almost sounded like she was being punched in the guy. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh . Hopefully it works out for you man.

  • That is great. I enjoy watching too then joining the action. She loves two cocks

  • So do I, she needs to be fucked like a slut she is

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