The first time I saw someone get spanked I was around ten, my best friend at the time had invited me to spend the night at his house. His sister had done something and their father decided that spanking was the punishment. I had gone to the bathroom and I think he thought I was upstairs with my friend.
I looked around the corner of the hallway and he had her over his lap with her pants pulled down and her panties were just below the top of her rear end.
He pulled down her panties exposing her bare ass and I could hardly breathe. My eyes could barely believe what was going on right in front of me, I was staring right at her ass and could clearly see her pubic hair and some of her vagina. His hand came down on her cheeks with a loud smacking sound, I watched her cheeks wiggle and her legs squirm. He had his other arm over her back down by her waist holding her tightly as he dispensed half a dozen more smacks down on her cheeks. She wiggled and moved her legs around which exposed her vagina to me more and I watched the redness start to show on her ass.
He asked her a few times if she had learned her lesson yet but then delivered another half dozen or so smacks on her ass, once again she wiggled around crying and moving her legs around, I decided that getting caught watching might not be a good plan so I ducked back into the bathroom and waited until I heard her running up the stairs to her room.
Later on in life I asked one of my girlfriends if she liked to be spanked, she asked me if I liked being slapped so I took that as no.
I never met any women who enjoyed it so I quit asking thinking that my childhood evening of watching a spanking was just going to be the end of it. I was married about two years when my wife came home and walked in the house with tears in her eyes. I asked her what happened and why was she crying, she told me about the car and how stupid she had been not seeing the post. Her words not mine. We both walked out to the car and there was a deep scratch and dented panels down pretty much the entire passenger side of the car.
I was not mad at all, she was beside herself with guilt that she had ruined the car and it was going to cost us thousands to fix it. I told her that I was not upset with her at all and stuff happens, she seemed to be in disbelief that I was not mad. She looked at me and asked me straight out why I was not pissed off at her, I told her joking around that I could spank her if she thought that would help. I was amazed when her answer was that she deserved it.
We went back into the house and I was wondering if my friend was going to be able to fix the car and how much he would charge me. My wife sat down in the living room and I walked in after getting something to drink, we talked a little bit more about the car and she described it all over again to me. She got up and stood there staring at me then asked me if I was going to spank her. I smiled up at her and told her that if she really wanted to be spanked then drop your pants and lay down across my lap. She did it and I was amazed as I watched her bare ass laying down onto my lap, I sat there for a moment looking down at her curves, then had a flash back. I reached over and grabbed her arm pulling it across her lower back then put my forearm down on her back, I slapped her ass cheeks and she let out a little whimper. I smacked her a few more times and her legs began moving around, next thing I know I have my left leg over the back of her knees holding her legs down and I started spanking her again. Her ass was nice and red after a good twenty slaps and she had stopped struggling, she was not crying at all just looking to the side and waiting. I asked her if that was enough and it took her a second to say anything but her answer was no that she needed more. I spanked her cheeks until I heard her whimper out and I stopped, she had a grip on the couch cushion with her free hand and her feet had danced a little up and down. I asked her again if that was enough and her head bobbed up and down yes, I was in a strange zone and I told her good now get on your knees and suck my cock. She got off my lap and slid right down to her knees in front of me and I watched as she undid my pants, I lifted up my rear and she pulled them down to my ankles. She leaned down and began sucking on me, it felt amazing because I was turned on immensely. I came quickly and she was moaning out sucking me down and swallowing while I moaned out how great that felt. She stood up and had her legs together sort of rubbing her thighs together, I reached up and slid my fingers across her vagina lips and she was wet. I turned her around and started kissing and licking her red ass cheeks then pushed her down in a bent over position and began licking her deeply. She had her hands down on the coffee table as I buried my nose in her ass and my tongue into her pussy. I gave her an orgasm pretty quickly and she wobbled around trying to stay up so I had to hold her there while she came.
We had amazing sex that night and she was on top of me for a long time just riding me hard, she confessed that she really liked being spanked and that when she was younger and received spankings she would go to her room and masturbate. We have spanking sessions about every two months and she gets really turned on and I get to live out my fantasy feeling her ass wiggle under my hand.


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  • I agree with you I copy you last week it was great fun must repeat more often at my house in llanbradach Wales 56 school st

  • Wow wish that was me

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