Can you really have your cake and eat it too?

Since I was a young man I always loved the curves of a woman's ass. As I've gotten older my love of ass has only gotten stronger. It's all I think about some days. The fantasy of getting behind a woman, bending her over and tongue fucking her ass before I slowly slide my thick cock inside her drives me insane!

As I've gotten older, I have started to notice younger women. I've never been with a younger woman but the fantasy of tonguing, fingering, and fucking a younger (18+) woman's ass puts me over the top.

Even now, just writing this up, the visuals in my head, my cock is throbbing...ugh! If I could find a younger woman that was into or curious about ass play...fuck! The things I'd do...

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  • Show me how? low fat!

  • How disgusting do you pay them like a whore too? and send them on their way afterwards for a higher thrill?

  • Yeah, young lady ass is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately, when you get to be my age (55), about the only realistic option is to go out and buy a whore, and that's kind of risky when you bury your tongue in that ass and pussy, no telling what kind of diseases she might have. Fortunately, my wife is still hot enough to satisfy my desires, and lets me do everything I desire to her backdoor region.

  • Easy to get a young prostitute, just explain to the Madame what you require and you will have no problems at all

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