Caught in the storeroom

I am n my early 30s ,5-6 120lbs nice b tits and I am a night stocker at a large store. we dress casual as its closed to the public as we stock the only management there is a team leader and about 10 other employees I am 1 of 3 girls that work at night.
early one morning as I was in the storeroom getting some restock I was abducted from behind and told not to turn around or scream.. I was taken to a back room where I was blindfolded and my pants were pulled down . several guys were in there as they bent me over some boxes and each fucked me good. one of the guys had a huge cock and had a major orgasm as he fucked me hard and deep. I only wish I knew who it was so he or they could fuck me again. I have never had so much come in my cunt or a load shot so deep. I want it again

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  • God I always wanted to do that also. I worked at a large retailer when our sons were going to college for the extra money. The men that worked there were all young and in great shape, I was in my early 40's then and not in to bad of shape. They never cared what we wore to work because the store closed at 11 and did not open until 5 am and they would blast the music while we restocked. I actually thought to myself if a few of them grabbed me no one would hear me putting up a fight over the music. There were more than a few times that I was with two or three of them back in the storage area and I would get a nervous chill but nothing ever happened.

  • Did you wear tight fitting clothes or show a lot of cleavage trying to tempt them? I can picture tight yoga pants and a button up shirt with plenty of cleavage showing.

  • Bullshit.... nice fantasy

  • You did not recognize your co workers voice?

    Take the "glass slipper" method and fuck each one until you find the cock that fits just right.

  • Ok nice fantasy now really make it happen.

  • Nice

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