Revenge for cheating

My husband of 5 years cheated on me at a work convention. Even worse he was not discrete and most of his office knows about it and word quickly got back to me. I was pissed to say the least. When I confronted him he begged me to forgive him and promised to do anything to make it right. After a few days thinking about throwing him out I told him we could stay together but first I had to pay him back and make sure he knew how bad he hurt me. It wasn't going to be a single event, but would continue until he knew in his bones how bad it was.

Wednesday was Valentines Day and that is when I started. At lunch time I showed up at his office and went past him into his boss' office. I spent the next half hour sucking the cock of his boss. I made sure the windows were partially open and the office workers knew what was going on. I didn't fuck him but I made him come in my mouth twice and had a little mess on my face. When I left I stopped at my husbands desk and gave him a big kiss.

I enjoyed this and he has to know that the whole office knows his wife sucked the boss. Now I have to decide what to do next. I am not finished with this bastard.

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  • I hope you have a good job because your husband is not long for his.

  • Suck as much cock as you can handle and more power to you

  • Ain't love grand?

  • How do you think the boss' wife is going to feel about you sucking her husband?
    She is bound to hear about it if everyone at works knows. What's her revenge going to be; sucking your husband? Why don't you just organise a swinging date with the boss and his wife?

  • If I was his boss I would be giving him a big bonus this year.

  • I'd let a couple of the guys fuck you, maybe even on your husband's desk. Tell them how good they are and how they are better than your husband. Make sure to do it bareback. Let them have your ass too.

  • If you are willing to behave in this manner you should end your marriage, this is not a healthy relationship.

  • Good for you Darling, may I suggest you have him locked in a chastity cage then you can shave, clean and tease him to precum every weekend but don't let him cum before he is locked again, ensure he satisfies you with finger, tongue and toys and you alone can decide when he orgasms and whether it be by sex with you or masturbation, best idea when you are going to release him is cuff him behind.
    That will certainly quieten the little prick down, if he complains or mentions being released just slap his face and tell him he has just added a lot more time to his chastity, you will find he really becomes very obedient.
    All the best Honey xx

  • I had heard that chastity cages stop a man from getting hard. I want him hard and horny even though he might sneak and jerk off. After all I want him back and still functioning, but only after I get payback and more.

  • I suggest you sissify and emasculate him, start with a chastity cage, then go on to putting him in make up, making him wear panties or full on pretty dresses in private, find a hung bull to satisfy you in full view of him, and then get him all pretty and dressed up for the bull and make him get on his hands and knees so he can feel what it's like to be degraded and fucked by a real man

  • Chastity will make him feel horny all the time but without release, whenever you want a fuck you have the control to unlock him for that but clearly he will not be cheating with anyone else.
    Lock the little prick up

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