Messy Humiliation

Im posting this possibly for a second time, my internet crashed shortly after i submited it the first time

For as long as i can remeber i have been "cursed" with multiple fetishes; wet and messy, leather, pvc, latex, to mention a few. One of my earliest wet dreams that i can remeber was of the girl i had a crush on at the time falling face first into a large patch of mud. But now my fantasies are way more "out there". My main fantasy is of me being tied to a post, i am wearing nothing but a woman's pink shiny pvc trench coat with the collar upturned. Around me are a group of beautiful hot women also wearing shiny pvc trench coats with the collars upturned. They talk dirty to me, throw sloppy custard pies at me and pour buckets of slimey gunge over me. They then jerk me off infront of a crowd of other beautiful women that are laughing at me.

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