My cousin is 18 and I'm 15. It all started two months ago (about a week after he turned 18). He came over to my house walked in on me while I was changing (I was wearing underwear and a bra) and he asked me if I needed help. I just stood there staring at him not knowing what to do. He grabbed a semi see-through bralette and told me "You should wear this and lose these" then he pulled at the top of the very cheeky underwear I was wearing and smiled. A couple days later, I was at his house and he called me into his room. The door was closed and I opened it to find him facing the other way, naked. He told me to come there and I did (I'm not gonna deny that he's hot). He took my hand and put it on his dick that was erect. He started to kiss me and then asked if I would give him a hand job. I was turned on already and followed instructions. He ate me out and I gave him a blow job. It all stopped for a month after that. Then a two weeks ago, he walked in while I was taking a shower. I was home alone and he has a key to my house so he just came in. I didn't hear him come into the bathroom. He undressed and got in the shower. We didn't have sex, we just made out for about an hour lol. Now, everytime we're at each other's houses, he pulls me into a room with no else and we make out and he plays with my breasts and my ass. We haven't had sex since that first time but he's such a good kisser. I have to ask, though, is this okay? We both really love it but he is my cousin and he's 18. Also, I'm worried we'll get caught, but I don't want to stop. Opinions?



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  • You should wear the semi see-through bralette and high heels for him, it's a proven fact that men are more attractive to girls when they wear heels

  • Don’t get caught.

  • His little sister almost caught us making out in the kitchen yesterday 😂

  • Bet your sexy...

  • I'd say so 😉

  • I'd like to think I am 😉

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