My roommates

I am 19 and am working towards nothing. My parents kicked me out the week that I turned 18 because they were unhappy and found out I was doing some recreational drugs, just pot and coke but they flipped out and through me out. I had no where to go except my friend who is also my dealer’s apartment. He is 25 and let’s me stay here with him and pay very little rent but he can and does have his way with me anytime he wants. It started with him pulling out his cock and saying blow me, I said what are you crazy, and he said you want a place to sleep right, then suck it. I suck him and then it turned into every night a sick or sex. Usually just quickies or a BJ but sometimes he goes on forever and does anything he wants, even anal which I never did before.
The past two months though his friends that stop by also get to have their way with me. I have been with fifteen guys since I moved in last year, none of them were boyfriends but him and his friends or customers. I think they are paying him but he doesn’t tell me.
I want to leave in the next three months I will have enough money. Last night was annoying, I was asleep and a guy I have never seen before came into my room with him and they were high and took off my sheets and he put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him while his friend had sex with me. I wouldn’t care but I was already asleep and they didn’t care. I usually at least know the guys, I don’t like having sex with total strangers anymore.

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  • I've had sexual relationships with strangers before and now I really regret it. Stop while you can.

  • Thank you. It’s really annoying because I have to wake up early to go to work and he will burst in or will have someone else with him and they won’t even wait.

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