I’ve seen a lot of stories on here recently written by both men and women about chastity. Ladies can you explain the appeal of locking up your man’s cock? And men why are you agreeing to such a restriction that sounds kind of painful?

To each their own of course but I’m just curious about it since it’s appeared a lot here.

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  • It's is a constant tease and denial

  • It is really fantastic if you have the correct, understanding wife and a comfortable, discreet chastity cage, I just adore it and do anything for my wife who is just the greatest, she is the keyholder and control's our sex even my masturbation, I need it

  • What do you like about it? I feel like not being in control of my cock wouldn’t be enjoyable.

  • I've read that the guy is kept from having a full on orgasm and denied that satisfaction thereby keeping him in a constant state of desire, where he will submit to just about anything sans the regret post orgasm. He will be pegged, humiliated, made to eat his cum, suck dicks, serve the woman, man or whomever and never feel disgusted with himself or regretful.

    You know the feeling when you look at a bunch of porn, jerk off and maybe do some non-ordinary things with yourself, such as use a dildo, or look at gay porn, or anything that you normally don't associate with, then regret it all after you cum?

  • So basically lowering sexual inhibitions?

  • Well for dommes and dominant women it's all for taking away everything they have, and making you their main priority etc. For guys who have a humiliating fetish they like the feeling of having all dignity taken away, and I guess it's got to do with obedience as extreme kinks involve slavery

  • Yeah but it just sounds painful more than anything.

  • I don’t get it either. There are some strange kinks in this world

  • Oh I can only hope this question is answered by anyone buts site trolls. I have not a clue to as why guys get into this either.

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