Turned bi (maybe gay)

A buddy of mine stayed with my gf and I for a few days last week. We have a studio apartment, so it was really cramped, but it was nice to see him again. I hadn't seen him in years.

One night we were playing poker, drinking heavily, and got pretty smashed. We went to bed that night, and of course in such a small place my buddy was a few feet from us. My gf always gets horny when she drinks, and she started pawing at me and asked if I would go down on her, which I did. I didn't really care if my friend was there watching. It was unavoidable.

Anyway, I looked over towards him at one point and he was stroking his dick. My gf noticed too, and whispered to me if it was okay to play with him too. I was out of my head drunk, and said okay. I motioned for him to come over, and I thought he was going to get sexual with my gf, as I've always thought he was straight.

However, instead of going towards her, he put his dick in front of my face, like he was inviting me to give him head. I've never thought about sucking dick before, but felt a drunken curiosity about it that night. I asked my gf if it was okay, and she said, "Uh, I don't know, really. I guess." I started sucking his dick, and I liked it, actually. It was a turn-on. I didn't want my gf to feel left out, so eventually I went back to eating her out while she was lying on her back.

I was bringing my gf to an orgasm with my tongue when I felt my friend touching my ass, which was up in the air. I heard him whisper, "You look great, man" and felt him slowly stick his dick in my ass. I've never had anything in my ass ever, so it felt really weird, but really, really good. I just let it go and enjoyed the feeling when my gf said, "You are letting him fuck you in the ass?!? I need a cigarette." She haphazardly got dressed and stormed out while I was getting fucked.

I don't know if he was hitting my prostate or what, but getting fucked in the ass made me cum. I jizzed all over the bed. I had never had such a strong orgasm in my life. Eventually he finished and we crashed, except my gf, who said she was going to stay with a friend.

My gf eventually came back, my friend has left, but now she thinks I'm gay. I'll be honest: I've never had hotter sex than I had with my male friend. It was awesome. I haven't been telling her that, though. I love her and want to patch things together. She just doesn't trust me, and I'm not sure if I would either, because I think I flipped orientations that night. I'm not sure if I need pussy anymore. This is tough.

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  • Well, sounds like you’ve got some life choices to make. I can see why she would be upset, but really, it’s not about her (which truthfully, is her problem). It’s about you. I hope you figure it out. Good luck.

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