Sleep over at neighbor's house

When I was 8 my mom and dad went out one night. They asked the neighbor to babysit and she said yes. I went over about 7pm and ate dinner with her family. After we play games then it was time for bed. I brushed my teeth with after her two daughters. Who were 7 and 10 years of age. Then we went to their bedroom and they were already in their gowns and it was my turn to change and I told them I sleep in my underwear and had no pajamas. They told their mom and she came in and gave me a gown from the ten year old with panties and then go to bed. I did what I was told and boy the panties were really soft and a little tight around my crotch. I had to sleep on the bottom bunk with the ten year old and the street light outside had lite up the bedroom a little and she saw my bulge in the panties. She had to touch the bulge and I began to rock my hips and she said that she saw her mom's boyfriend do this too. Her mom and boyfriend accidentally left the bedroom door open. She asked if I liked wearing her panties and I said yes and she asked what was my favorite color? I said dark blue and then she pulled out dark blue panties and gave them to me. We talked about if we saw our parents having sex. I said yes and so did she and she asked what I saw and told her I saw my mom giving head and my dad on top of mom with her legs up over her shoulders. She told me she saw her mom with her boyfriend and one other guy who was on the bottom with her mom between them. Then we fell asleep and it was about 3am and this girl had put her hand down my panties and cupped my balls and cock. It felt great and before her mom came to wake us, she gave me head and it was the second time I came and she swallowed it then she put my hand in her panties and told me to stick my middle finger in her pussy as far as I could and slide it in and out fast, then after that I pushed my thumb up her butt slowly and she began to pant and groan then I felt wetness on my hand, she had her first ORGASIM!!!!

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  • That's hot! I also gave my friends 10 yr old daughter her first orgasm with my finger rubbing her pussy

  • I fuck my stepdaughter a couple of times a week. She's 8, and her bald cunt is the tightest I've ever fucked. In return for her daughter's pussy, I encourage my wife to fuck my 13-year-old son. She tells me that he often spunks her pussy four or five times a night.

  • How long ago was it. My little stepdaughters almost eleven and loves grinding herself on my leg with no panties and i to have licked and fingerd her little tight hairless pusy and sat her naked on my lap and rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks and little slit and cumm all over her bald pussy and her little almost breast buds..

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