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I work from a home office. My windows face the Main Street of my subdivision where cars drive and neighbors walk their dogs. One older male neighbor lives near by and walks his dog a few times a day. I have my blinds up so my dogs can watch the street. I like to work with a tank top on, and often pull it up to play with my nipples. It’s typically an absentminded thing, I just do it without realizing it. I noticed him watching one day and pulled my shirt down. The next day it happened again. The third day, I left my shirt up, and kept flicking my nips. He continued to watch. He just let his dog wander on the leash, as he stood, staring up at me. It’s happened several days in a row now, and he walks the dog three or four times instead of one. It’s funny because he sees my dogs, and sees me walking them so he has to know it’s me, but he never seems to acknowledge it. I don’t think the people in the cars notice, but I wonder. I love that he appreciates my little show. I have great tits, according to my husband, so it’s nice to let the older man see them and enjoy my little play time.

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  • I know what you mean about playing with your nipples I just do it all the time, at home I clamp mine with cloths pegs can leave them on now for 25 minutes or go around nude constantly playing with them it is just an unknown thing now I find people looking at me while I am shopping or just walking around the mall then realise what I am doing through my thin blouses or t shirts but who cares it is so great

  • Hot. I love me a stiff set of nips. Nothing like a cool breeze at the soccer field with all the moms in their tennis outfits and little tank tops sporting pert nips just begging to be sucked and licked. And I’m one of them.

  • I think you should take scissors to one of your brassieres and go for the 'open nip' look. But then, I think you should do that with ALL your bras ...

  • I don’t wear a bra. I habe fake tits, under the muscle, and they’re small enough to look natural and big enough to cover your face, but the bra isn’t necessary.

  • Your obviously a very nice lady, maybe one day you could let him see you naked ensure you pretend you do not know he is watching but bend over legs wide and let him have a real good perv on your arse I bet that is great too

  • I walk around naked but not as much during the day. It’s more fun to do it at night with the lights on so people outside can see. And I make sure to go in a room where the street view is good. When my husband and I travel to a bigger city, which is often, he always gets a room for us at least 8 floors up with a view of the condos or other buildings and I walk around naked with the curtains open. He will fuck me against the window too and I’ve seen people watch. We have a favorite hotel in NYC for this. I see the same guy at his desk every night. I feel like I know him now.

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