Birds and the Bees from my sister

My confession is my sister taught me everything I need to know about sex.
I’m 49 now and when I was 17 my sister was 25.
We had a funny brother sister relationship because of our strict parents, I was still a virgin and my sister would ask me to lie for her while she would sneak out to have sex with a man that lived up the road.
It was nothing unusual seeing each other naked, we shared a bedroom for 16 years until our parents separated and we got a bedroom each in a different house.
She would tell me she couldn’t wait to have sex with this man then one day she asked if I had had sex, no then asked if I play with myself, no just about every question she asked the answer was no.
She then said I can show you if you want.
I can remember her showing me her fanny and telling me things about it, then went on to say about the man putting his willy inside and it feeling great.
She said start playing with your willy and it will grow and feel nice, to this day I can remember it as if it was yesterday, I had my back to her playing and she said let’s see, I turned and she said that’s it keep going, then she said like this and started doing it herself and that is when I had my first orgasm.

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  • Let me see if I've got this straight. At 17, you still didn't know about masturbation. Got it!

  • Its cool you and your sis had a good relationship. I had two sisters who were the spawn of Satan.

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