Caged Cuck

Lady Alabaster had come to the basement to untie me from the cumstained futon. She was naked and the man she had invited over had shaved her pussy overnight. She let me stretch, then tied my hands behind me and put on a leather hood. I was forced into one of those cage-like dog kennels, for big dogs, but, still pretty cramped. "I'm going to get a shower. I need to wash his juices off of me. I should make you lick them off, but, you don't even deserve that ! We'll be back to use you, later. " With that she left me and went back upstairs. Time fragmented.
I heard clomping on the stairs and her top b/f appeared beside the kennel. He was clad in jack boots and a jock strap. "I'm going to have some fun for you while she's bathing ! " and he smiled an evil smile. For the next twenty minutes he tortured me with a violet wand, using every attachment it had, applying it to every part of my body. I tried to remain quiet but it proved futile, and I began yelping and begging him to stop. He laughed and removed his jock strap. His cock was very large, all purple and erect. He shoved it against the kennel and demanded I smell it. I balked and he burned me some more with the wand. "Smell her cunt on my cock !" he growled and I finally did. Yeah, he had been all up in that sweet stuff.
Lady A finally returned and feigned anger at his abuse of me. He laughed, snatched off her robe, and pushed her to her knees. He made her fellate him. She's an excellent cocksucker, and took in most of his nine inch boner. Before he shot it, she asked him to press his ridiculously large cock head to the cage and demanded I give it a few licks. I refused and she said, " Lick that cock head, or, I'll take you out, tie you to the massage table, and have him fuck you until you bleed !" I gave it a few licks, and they laughed. He pushed her onto the futon and entered her tight snatch and split that pussy apart. She watched me watching them and smiled as he roared his orgasm. Then she got up, came over and sat on the kennel, letting his cum drip out of her onto me. Oh, how it burned ! Oh, how they laughed !

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