Fantasies made into realities

I've become increasingly curious about different kinds of sex, not just positions , different men, different scenarios, etc.

I met a friend Greg. We began to talk about everything. Things we could never tell other people. We are able to confide in each other, our deepest darkest secrets and fantasies.

I want to take this farther by acting out our fantasies. I think about what it'll be like to have him deep inside my pussy. I think about that beautiful dick in my mouth sucking him hard. Scraping my teeth all the way down his dick. Licking and sucking his balls going farther...licking his asshole and pushing my tongue deep inside. Hearing him moan with such pleasure, telling me how good his fucking slut is and how good she's making him feel.

He's craving the the taste of my sweet pussy. He's good, he's really good. He also craves the taste of my ass as well. I'm feeling waves of warm juices flowing out of my pussy. At the same time he shooting warm juices into my mouth. He's drinking me as I'm drinking him. Each not wasting a drop.

That was just round one...I'm ready for the next round...Are you ready to begin our new adventures Greg? I'm waiting...

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  • Girls should always be interested in getting their ass licked. Such pretty holes. I used to think it was nasty for girls to lick a guy’s ass, but I grew to wanna see it more after seeing Kayden Kross do it. What you said was so hot, love your personality so far.

  • F......... that was HOT I want you to bite and spit on it and my name is also Greg

  • Ass licking is at my tops. Well right now, it will be something else later I'm sure.
    My wife gets heated up by straddling my face and filling my mouth with her delicious piss. Give it a try!

  • Thank you!

  • ... I told a young woman only yesterday, '...I like a woman who is "in touch" with her dark side ...' Got a smile and quiet chuckle ...

  • If only you lived in west TX

  • Borrrrrrring!

  • Hot!

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