Ex Wife Pushed Me Too Far

My ex wife is an incredibly sexy woman, the sexiest woman I have ever known, but she is an evil bitch. We've been divorced for over 5 years now and she has remarried. Sex with her was the best sex of my life and none of the other women I have been with since her have come even close. I have always been crazy about her and she has always known it.

She knows the effect she has on me and she delights in coming over and teasing me mercilessly, sexing me up and then leaving me hanging. I don't know why she does it, whether it's some kind fo payback or she just likes the power she has over me. I admit I become a dribbling fool every time she comes onto me. I can't help it.

She always says she has just dropped in for a chat to see how I am going but she always talks about sex and how it was the one thing we did right in our marriage. She always tells me how she misses it sometimes and how she did things with me that she would never do with R her new husband and she goes into detail, like cumming on her tits, fuck her up the ass, and a whole lot of kinky little things.

I get so turned on and always try to fuck her. We used to fuck every now and then but we hadn't for over a year when this happened. She always lets me go so far then stops me and leaves abruptly. She'll let me go as far as kissing her, touching her all over, she'll grab my cock and she'll even let me suck her tits but it always ends with her saying she can't and abruptly leaving.

Over the years I think I have become a bit immune to her advances so last time she really went all out. When she did the "Oh no, I can't" bit, I just said "OK" and turned away. Usually I just keep trying and follow her tot he door like some pathetic sex starved fool.

She got this really cunning look on her face and said. "Well, maybe just a blowjob." I was suddenly hooked. She took my cock out and held it in her hand and looked up at me. I was so certain she was going to blow me. Then she said. "No, I'm sorry, I can't" got up and headed to the door leaving me with my cock hanging out.

I lost it. I went after her and dragged her onto the floor but then I didn't know what to do. I wanted to fuck her so badly but I couldn't force myself on her. She laughed and said. "Oh, for God's sake, put your cock away."

I sat on top of her with my knees on the floor on either side of her pinning her to the floor with my cock in her face and suddenly I knew what to do. I started jerking off in her face and she knew what I was going to do. She struggled and protested the whole time and she tried to turn her face away but I held her face in my left hand and I came all over her face.

I felt this incredible feeling of elation and triumph. She had cum all over her face, her forehead, her nose, her lips, her cheeks and it was in her hair as well.

And she was going totally nuts.

She was screaming at me, not holding back, "You fucking cunt." "You fucking pervert." It was my turn to laugh. It took her ages to calm down and she said. "At least let me get up and clean this shit off of me."

I said. "No. I want it to dry on you."

She went nuts again. I was hoping she'd miss the cum in her hair and she'd have some trouble explaining that. She was yelling so loud and struggling so much I got sick of trying to hold her down so I dragged her to her feet and shoved her out the front door.

I thought 'Fuck it' I wasn't going to let her clean up properly in my bathroom. Let her try cleaning it off with some tissues and spit because most of it had dried by then. If she even had any tissues in her car, or drive around with her cum covered face.

She hasn't been back since and it looks like I'll never get to fuck her again but there was probably no chance of that ever happening anyway.

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  • Shell probly be back. She fucking wanted it and once she thinks about it enough she'll come back for that cum. Just keep acting like u don't care

  • She deserved it. And I’m a woman

  • Lmfao! A+

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