First glory hole

I remember walking into the rest area bathroom, it was like all of the other bathrooms on the outside. Nothing special, until I entered the stall, then I found a whole new world to me. It wasn't anything elaborate, just a partition wall with drawings of dicks, and sayings written on it with a hole in it.
I sat down on the toilet, I saw the stall next to me was occupied, I saw his boots. The hole tempted me, my couriosity got the better of me. I looked through the hole and saw the guy stroking his dick. I was about 19 at the time and had seen, and sucked some dicks before. His dick was about 7, or 8 inches long and nice and thick, with a nice big head on it.
I turned a little for a more comfortable viewing of the show. He then turned also giving me a better view. I guess he saw me watching him because he stood up and pointed his dick at the hole, and slowly eased it closer and closer to me. He stopped just before entering the hole. I couldn't help but stick my fingers through the hole to touch him. I felt the warmth of his dick as my fingers touched his dick head. Running my fingers around his dick.
I withdrew my fingers as he started inserting his dick in the hole. As his dick started clearing the hole I started stroking it. I enjoyed how it felt so firm but smooth in my hand.
I leaded down and started sucking him as I stroked him, taking more and more of him into my mouth until I removed my hand. I enjoyed how he filled my mouth. Enjoyed how his dick slid into my throat. Swallowing it completely, then pulling it out to lick and suck the head.
I tasted his pre cum, knew he wouldn't keep me waiting much longer so I greedily sucked him. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I sucked him, and licked him feeling him expand in my mouth. I started fucking his dick with my mouth and throat, taking as muck dick as I could.
When I felt his first shot of cum fill my mouth I swallowed it and his dick, letting him shoot several streams of his thick cum straight down my throat. Then I pulled back keeping his dick head in my mouth sucking and licking it to get every drop of his cum out, swallowing it all. Sucking him as I felt his dick start shrinking in my mouth, not wanting the experience to end.
He left while I sat there, I never saw his face, we never said a word to each other. I sat there shaking from excitement, thinking about what just happened, tasting his cum in my mouth. Thinking how enjoyable this experience was. Wishing it had lasted longer, but relishing the end result.
Then I heard the stall door close and latch again, looking through and seeing someone else as he pulled his pants down while facing me. Seeing his dick as it fell free from his lowering underwear, seeing him stroke it as he sat down. I found out then why it was called a "glory hole".

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  • I've done this too

  • Hot story, reminds me of when I used to go to ABS gloryholes.

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