I don't understand it

How is there a fat person fetish? How is that desirable in any way? Is it common??

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  • I really believed that if I used the delayed gratification principle to s** and romance that a guy wouldn't dare reject me given all my accomplishments and genetic heritage and genuine sweetness in my 30s. I also believed this about other women who might be competing with me for marriageable men, that they would not dare hurt me given all the pains and hurts I had been through in my past by simply using the delayed gratification principle to romance that it would show not only my character but also my genuineness and qualities as a "marriageable desired quality women who doesn't go out on trends or limb or impulsiveness". It hurt me that it didn't work. I sat back and thought "how dare they reject me!" and "how dare they hurt me" because I was looking at it from my moral muscle that is well oiled and developed and the "do un to others as you would have them do to you" concept but I found that fewer and fewer people live my thing value methodology now. I didn't delay sexual gratification deliberately I just couldn't find any man I liked and then I was raped by someone I couldn't stand who was the opposite of everything I had wanted and worked for. I wonder how those people live with themselves to be honest. I couldn't rape a woman who was sexually tortured for 15 years but still a virgin at 29. I mean he burnt my skin gave me bruises and hit me and would throw a hand out anytime to grope at my crutch at 5 years of age. it was a h*** I wouldn't wish on someone but now I think. "I hope they face their days of h*** and suffering" that is the human side of me coming out. I would be interested to see how they feel now to see how they fucked up my life however, I would love to see it hurt them and crush their hearts like they crushed mine and also for the men who rejected me, the employers who rejected me as well.

  • Of course. There are all kinds of things that appeal to people that you might not like, just as people have different tastes in food.

  • I'm attracted to a 250 lb woman who I fucked when she was 17 and 100 lobs. Today 15 years later she still has me interested in sex with her and she won't give it up. I ask her often hoping for the day she spreads her legs for me again.

  • I'm with you. I don't get it at all ! I am married to a hot 115lb model type wife. I would bet there are those that would choose the first fatty walking out of wal mart over having a rut with my wife.

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