Business Trip

I was on a business trip last week and usually take the opportunity to pick up a guy or two and have some fun. I was at a bar down the street from my hotel and picked up two guys to come back with me. It's not the first time I had a threesome but these were younger guys not used to an experienced woman. After 3 kids and lots of cock I have a loose pussy and can take a pounding. After them taking turns they asked if they could try a DP and I said definitely. I climbed on one and then the other lined up behind me but pushed into my pussy alongside his friend. These guys were double fucking my pussy. They couldn't believe it and just went wild. They double fucked my pussy for hours and came inside me so many times I was a complete mess. Then two days later I came home and celebrated my anniversary with my husband :)

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  • My wife goes on business trips with her boss a lot. She says they don't do anything. But her boss and myself went fishing about a year ago. We drank beer in a boat so naturally he had to pee. He made sure I seen how huge he was. For about two years every time I have sex with my wife I can't feel her because she's so loose. I think he's getting what I rearly get. My wife.

  • I would call you a slack cow .

  • I did a business trip to St. Louis (which sucked), and picked up the hot, young, blonde bartender from the seafood place I went to near the hotel. Chatted with her, tipped her well, and told her I wanted to "continue this" in my hotel room. She went for it, came by after work, and I had at her sweet, firm body for hours. The next night, after boring-ass meetings, I went to a steak place, had guy bartender but a very cute, petite hostess girl of about 22. Was easy to get her laughing and comfortable with me, and I had her very interested.

    Before I left, I put my number in her phone, and texted her my hotel name (there were several within walking distance of both restaurants) and room, telling her "Stop by later". Boom. About 2 hours later, I received a text saying "I'm downstairs". Go get her, took her upstairs, and fucked her until early morning. She really did it for me. Maybe it was her sweet, petite body and sexy, girlish smile, but damn..That one really had me going.

    On my final evening, and, knowing I was flying home with zero business to show for it, I went for broke and started chatting with a beautiful, long-nailed black woman. I have a thing/fetish for long nails, and hers were porn-type length.. Fit, hot body, high Jamaican cheekbones...Very beautiful.. Took her back to the room, and that woman exhausted me in bed..Used those nails and had my back and shoulders scratched up and drawing blood..I was so into her that we met up a few months later when she visited a nearby major city to me. One of the sexiest women I've ever been with..

  • I travel several times a month for work myself and just love it. So many shapes and sizes of cock, different levels of experience, men shower me with presents. I fucking make almost as much fucking as I do working. I love being a woman.

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  • You should try for a 3rd and 4th guy that way you'll get 2 in your pussy, 1 in the ass and 1 in your mouth

  • DV !!! Yes!!!!

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