I married Jim right after my 15th birthday...it wasn't a marriage built on love and lust but simply a way to get out of my home...be an adult...he was a lot older than me...13 years in fact...he was a mechanic and ran his own garage...now sex he expected every other nite like clock work...it didn't matter if I was on my period or not...and he was anything but gentle...he was well endowed in the men's department and loved to flaunt it...he seemed to take pleasure hurting me when he put first put it in...then when he got off he would take his finger nails and dig them into my back..and .he was also verbally abusive in bed calling me names and sometimes even in public...his dad lived with us quite sometime after we married...and when his brothers came by they would laugh and joke with him talking about sex and not getting any since his wife had died a number of years before...the old man always wore bib type over-alls like a farmer and a funny little hat that made him look like Stringbean of HeeHaw fame...I felt sorry for him...really I did...and even thought about giving him some...one day I was at the garage and my husband sent me to the parts house to get something...I went...got it...brought it back...he yelled at me cause it was the wrong part and slapped the shit out of me...then called me a stupid bitch and to get to the house...I was crying when I walked in and his dad asked what was wrong so I told him...he put his arms around me to comfort me...and patted me on the shoulder...the radio was playing and a beautiful slow song came on and he said lets dance to pick up your spirits...it was on my livingroom floor while dancing with him I first felt it against my side...he had a boner coming on...and when the song ended there was no hiding it...he took my hand and said come on...I followed him into his bedroom and then slipped it out of his fly...my heart was beating fast and cray when he asked well...I quickly slipped me pants and panties off leaving one leg on in case somebody walked in...then laid back on the edge of the bed as he moved between my thighs...he was bigger in length and girth than my husband but he eased all the way in easily...at times I think about it can still feel him..I he fucked me I guess about ten minutes and can't count how many times I got off...seemed like I was having them back to back...then all at once he jerked then pushed really hard and deep in me...and I felt him cum in long hot spurts ...he stayed in me for a few minutes then pulled it out and pushed it back in the bib....I got up and was just sitting down on the toilet when my ex walked in...I stayed there until I cleaned my self up good...he must have dumped a quart of cum in me...later I found out it had been 17 years since he had gotten any...my husband and I split up later that month...but I fucked two of his brothers too before during and after our separation...

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  • Must be proud to have hurt that family by being unfaithful. Two wrongs never makes a right. Your H was a loser for sure, but what you did was wrong.

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