How my wife became a glamour model 2

Before I carry on with my narrative I must tell you that our sex life is and always has been very good. Now to the second part.
After Phil had been photographing her for about a month, he asked me one night in the pub if I would let him introduce Lynda to another photographer in Hinckley who did magazine shoots. I told him if Lynda was cool then OK. She said she was so about a week later Jennie took her to the studio to see how she liked it. She spent the afternoon there and the photographer took some pictures both clothed and nude for her portfolio. He said he would send them off to some magazines.
Some time later Phil came round and told us that a magazine wanted an outdoor shoot of Lynda and could she meet at Market Bosworth park, other than that he did not know. Once again Jennie took her, it was mid week in autumn so no one was around, they went down to the lake and the guy spent a couple of hours taking the shoot. She had been asked to go in her wedding dress with all the trimmings, as the shoot progressed she gradually dis-robed until she was nude at various locations around the lake.
Jennie was 40 then and a bit plane but the photographer asked if she could take part, starting Lynda nude and Jennie clothed. He took some of them kissing, then both nude. Not porn but suggestive soft porn showing all, he told them this would be extra and for every set sold they would get a percentage. On the way home Jennie asked Lynda not to tell Phil what had happened. Though she told me and as usual a good night followed.
Lynda took a call asking if she could do a shoot for a well known soft porn magazine still in print today, it would be a colour shoot and she needed trimmed pubes, which she had. On the day of the shoot the studio was set out like a lounge two arm chairs and a settee. The idea of the shoot was for her to be stripped by two men and then trimmed and shaved with all ending nude and Lynda showing her shaved vagina.
After they finished the shoot for the MAG and they were all pretty hot by then so they decided to have some real fun and the photographer was still shooting as they took her on the settee and in the chairs. When she got home she looked really tired had a bath and went straight to bed.
The next time was in a bar with another girl and one man it had supposed to be a Ha rime, the guy being the Sheik, when she got home she would not tell me what went on other than she enjoyed the session's.
She was asked to do a blue film, but she turned it down. She was still sitting for Phil but he never new what else she did.
I happened to walk out of my door one day and I bumped into Jennie “Hi” she said.
“Hi” I replied “I have got a problem with my car and I've got to put it right.”
“You can put me right any time you like” she answered. So I did and when Lynda was on a shoot and Phil was working I would put her right.

Friday night's out next.

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