I fell in love

Hi all im 19 from a small ohio town . im done HS and taking a year off to travel a bit. one of my stops was the best vancouver canada. I was checking in to my hotel she was working the front desk. i have never been with a girl before i have thought about it lots..
As i was checking in we where chating i was asking her what should i do and see here. She said i can show you around if you want im off at 5 I was like sure see you then .. and went to my room
my head was spinning was this a date did i get hit on by this crazy hot girl or was she just being friendly.
i had the longest 5 hours of my life waiting for 5 to come i showered and yes i masturbated thinking of her
finally it was time i met her in the lobby she looked so hot ..
she took me around the city and we walked the waterfront it was so pretty we talked and flirted ..
she wanted to go to her place to watch a movie and chill i was so ok with that ..
she started a movie but we didnt watch much ..she kissed me i was a bit taken back at first but i kissed her back
after making out forever ... we got to it yes i ate her pussy it was the best i loved it
it was love at first sight we still are a couple

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  • Congrats on being a loser.

  • Awww! <3

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