Old neighbor

My dirty minded neighbor is 63. I'm 31. I've helped her around the house doing minor repairs and running her to a few errands over the past 2 years. I went over after she called to fix her bed that fell apart. I jokingly said geez what the hell were you doing on this bed. She laughed and said nothing's gone on in that bed for over a decade. I said that's too bad, she agreed, yes it is. I finished up and was going out the door, she stopped me, I owe you some compinsation, I said no you don't owe me anything. She looked right into my eyes and asked me how about a intercourse in that four letter word. I'm single, I'm not getting any, why not other than she's older, a lot older, she's not that hard to look at. This old woman was a total pig in bed, she gave me unbelievable head, her pussy was very big and hairy but nicely shaped with big lips on this old gal. I went down or her licking her for a while when she asked me to put in in her. I went in and was heavy on thrusting away trying to make it as good as I could for her,she was getting loud moaning F me F me then she wanted it in her ass, she got louder and louder as I went gently in and out of her ass. I was an anal virgin, never did that before. She gave me some baby oil to lube us up. Well I didn't last for more then 3 minutes. I came all over her back and butt.She hasn't asked me again but I'd do her in a heartbeat if she does want me again, and she's directly across the street from me.The only thing about it is I'd never tell anyone I had sex with her, not even my closest friend.It's kind of embarrassing when you can't get a woman your age but an old gal will happily do you and take's that stress away. I'm so glad she asked me.

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  • When I was in my early 20s I was deployed to Arizona. There was a woman tending bar that I was flirting with but she always declined saying she was married. She was in her mid to late 40s so we are talking about a 25-30 year difference. One night she was working and she started flirting back and asked me if I would like to cross over into Cali with her after her shift because due to daylight savings time, the bars closed an hour later than in AZ. We went out after she got off work and we had a few drinks and then parked on the river and fooled around till sun up. She had 2 friends around her age and they traded nights with me for the rest of the time I was there. I have had a thing for older women ever since then. I travel for work now at least a few days a week so I am away from home and the wife, there are lots of younger women to be had but now I am looking for women my age or older. 50-55 is perfect. If I had it to do over I wouldn't even talk to a woman less than 10 years older then me.

  • My mom is 60 but she is way more interesting and fun than any young girl.Really. She is so charming guys in their 30s sometimes hit on her. One was really into her (asking her on a date for about two years) but she always laughted it off. I wouldn't be suprised if young guys would choose her over me if they had a choice. In the end it really has little to do with how young the body looks. Women past their 40s have so much more confidence and physically enjoy sex a lot more than younger woman. I am actually looking forward to that!

  • I would do you and your mum that would be exotic

  • I would agree with you on the it feels so good but feels so weird part. I did a bunch of work for an older lady down the street when I was in college, made it worse that my Mom volunteered me for it. After three or so days of throwing stuff away into a dumpster she was constantly right there next to me showing me stuff to get rid of, always telling me how strong I was and touching my arms, shoulders and back. Same deal after everything was tossed, she wanted to give me money for my work but I was under strict orders to take no payment from her. She offered up sex telling me she was going to make me feel wonderful and man she did, once her mouth sank down around my cock I was into it.

  • Looks and age do not mean anything. Everyone has feelings and if you think about it doesn't sex with an older woman feel just as good as with a young woman?? So what are you complaining about??!!

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