Tickling my wife

We driving home from a party and she had a bit of wine to drink most of the night. She snuggled up to me blowing in my ear, massaging me thru my pants just pretty much horny has ever. She told me she was my slave for the night and I could do whatever I wanted to do to her.
Normally we do bondage with vibrating toys and dildos or I tie her in such a way giving me total access to her. I really fun thing crossed my mind as I told her okay.
I stripped her down and told to go to the bathroom while I got the toys out, after she was tied with her arms and legs stretched out I ran my fingertip down her arm pit and side. She twisted around giggling then I did it again but this time a little harder and moved my fingers around, she let out a squeal and laughed. I got both my hands going tickling her silly she could not even talk, after some kissing and nipple sucking she thought I was done but when I got to her feet she was shaking her head back and forth, I ignored her pleas and began running my fingers up and down her soles. She was squirming like crazy and I did not let up for at least a minute. When I stopped and began kissing her legs she told me that was the worst torture I had ever done to her. I sat up and started back in on her ribs and under arms, I alternated feet and arms for about twenty minutes until suddenly while in the middle of a foot tickle a squirt came from her and she was begging me to stop or she would not be able to hold it. I quickly got some towels from the bathroom and slid them under her, she was watching me saying god no. A minute into more feet tickling she was peeing all over the towels and her thighs, her face was so red from laughing.

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  • Too funny. I've done tickle torture with my FWB, Alicia, only not her feet. She goes crazy when her sides, tummy, and tits are tickled. She's a petite, small thing (106 lbs, never more than that), and easy to pin down and have at. Usually do it at her house, but, also went trail hiking with her one hot afternoon, and, she made the mistake of tying her shirt up and exposing her thin, sexy midsection, from mid-ribs past her navel. I had no choice but to tickle the hell out of her when we stopped at a river embankment. Even she admitted that time was fun!

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