Shocked by my Sister

Been visiting my older sister and she has a Black Lab. He's a purebred and she studs him for extra money. Problem is that he's always trying to sniff my crotch and trying to hump my leg when I'm watching TV, which is really embarrassing. My sister thinks it's funny when he does it and she says that's just the way male dogs are with women when they aren't fixed.

Yesterday morning I went into her room to ask if I could borrow the car to go shopping but she was in the bathroom having a shower. The dog was in the corner licking himself and looking at me and that's when I noticed the strong smell in the room. I looked on her bed and there were wet streaks and spots all over the messed up covers and a much larger wet area in the middle. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and thinking and I left her room right away.

I don't know what to do. Do a lot of other women do that? Can you get sick or hurt from it? Should I talk to her about it?



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  • I have not heard of anyone getting sick from it and I have never been sick from it. The only thing that hurts a little bit is it feels like sometimes his bulge gets really large not sure if it is him or me just being a little sensitive. I love letting him do it though because he can go for an hour hopping up and down and it seems like he can orgasm four or five times and just keep on going. Lube is the big thing, you have to be lubed up plenty for it because once they start driving it inside it is fast and hard. First couple of times were a real eye opener for me and you may also want to get an anal plug that had a rounded end on it because it can hurt a lot if he slips up into that area and plunges into it.

  • It’s not as uncommon as you may think. I lost my virginity to a dog when I was a younger girl, and have had several experiences since then (but not for years). As long as no one is getting hurt...

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  • I used to let my black lab lick my dick and nuts, he would get more and more into it and I’d cum after just a few minutes. Sometimes I’d bend over for him to mount me, he would hump like crazy and actually get it all the way in if I lubed up first. Hurt so good! My wife never found out, I always would laugh inside when he would lick her face or start humping her leg and would say “I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately.” What a great dog!

  • Are there like human-puppies? Is it possible?

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  • When we started dating he lived alone with his dog. They were so tender and protective it was like I was dating both of them. He used to be around when we made out and even sniff my crotch, which we laughed about. One day when we were making love and I was on to of him he came from behind and started licking us. We were so at it, it actually felt pretty good. We ended up marrying and it is the three of us. He is so well behaved I all the time throw him my dirty panties for him to sniff and spread my legs for him to lick. My husbands likes to watch. It is very arousing.

  • Does any ladies really do this. I been trying to see for years. I would love to watch. Add me on Snapchat. Andyc2104

  • What ever happened with you and your sister? Did you confront her?

  • My fiancée knows beastality is my kink. Today after I shelved her pussy I started to eat her out then fucking her. She started toying with me saying hmmmm good boy, give me that knot. Get stuck in me and fill me with your doggy cum. Just before I blew my load up her she said ooooh good boy.
    I do want to see her fuck a dog and suck one off getting sprayed with pre cum and cum

  • When my hot older sister had her apartment, alone, one of her downstairs neighbors owned a python, Clyde (funny how I remember the snake's name but not the guy). Sister went from hating the python, to taking care of Clyde when the guy was away. Snake was maybe 4 feet long, yellow, and, kind of cool.

    I stopped in one weekend after work, and sister took Clyde out of his tank. She then smiled and told me "watch this". Pulled her half shirt and shorts off, presenting in a sexy, tiny black bikini. She picked Clyde up into her arms, and, let him swirl and wrap all around her body, tight and methodical. Sister is oohing and ahhing with a smile as I'm watching and getting revved up. Every time she stroked him with her long nails, I got more hard.

    As the snake made his way around her tits, sister went to the floor, laying flat, hands and long-nailed fingers splayed out, legs spread just enough. Part of me thought I should be throwing her money for this show. Clyde then went for her legs and, poked his head into her crotch, clearly giving her a huge thrill, as she sighed aloud so high it sounded like a vibrator or huge cock was plugging her.

    Every time she'd take care of Clyde, she'd tell me and give me a show. We still privately joke about and reference it.

  • I think that the world would be shocked if the actual percentage of women told the truth about having a dog lick them or more. I am about as average as women come in life, my up bringing was very well though because my parents had money. We had a family dog but my brother spent most of the time caring for him, I would say from about age 14 to 19 the dog got to lick me about three times a week. I discovered it one night when I woke up to go to the bathroom, I was really lazy at night and would pretty much just pee and get back in bed. I guess he smelled me as I was walking by him because he followed me right into bed sniffing down by my thighs. I decided to let him sniff me thinking he would not do much. I had a really great orgasm about 30 minutes later and anytime he came into my room at night or in the afternoon if I was home alone he got to lick me. I am single and have a dog, he licks me anytime he wants.

  • Sick 🤮

  • I had a girlfriend many years ago that was a total nympho. She loved to fuck and take it in the ass. She swallowed and had a great body. She smoked weed on the weekends and we always got very drunk on Saturday nights at my house out in the country.
    One Saturday night she and I were pretty drunk naked in the house having our usual marathon sex on Saturday night and I dared her to spread her legs and let my big dog lick her juicy cunt. She didn`t back down and I was watching my dog eat her pussy and got so excited I put my dick in her mouth and she got off a bunch of times and swallowed my cum. After a few more beers and she smoked another joint I talked her in to letting my dog mount her.
    She didn`t mind and was enjoying getting humped then I reached between them and guided his dick in to her pussy and he fucked the hell out of her while she was screaming and having one orgasm after the other. In the heat of the moment she let out a loud scream and said there was something huge in her pussy and it hurt and then said "Damn I think he is shooting his load in me"
    It took about 20 minutes and I had to pet the dog and keep him backed up to her until he finally came out of her and his cum ran out of her like a river and she fell to the floor face down with cum still pouring out of her wide open cunt as he licked her clean.
    The next weekend and many times after that she let my dog fuck her cum in her and she took his knot and loved it. She was the wildest woman I ever knew and a total nympho slut.

  • I once watched my hot older sister use a snake to pleasure herself. She let it wind around her midsection first, then slide onto her mound (that really excited her), and positioned it to probe and enter her hole. The look on her face, head tilted back on a couch pillow, panting and sighing as the snake made it's way inside of her, was so damn sexy and hot!

  • My gf has 32size boobs. But she is fucking hot during sex.We are in a serious relationship from last 3 years.Usually we had sex 2-3 times in a week.We love each other.Actually i have a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I usually cum in 5 min when I fucked her faster and harder.and she wanna get fucked harder and faster only... She luvvs it. Yesterday I was put my 2 fingers inside her pussy n fingering inside her like anything. She told me at that tym like that......fuck me like that. I wanna get fucked like that...faster and harder....When you will fuck me like that for half n hours.. It turned me on....but at the same time I feel embarrassed also that m not able to fuck her properly. I wanna satisfy her with my dick....Any Suggestions

  • Yah, get a realistic dildo.

  • Almost certain the dog is fucking her, don't worry they would be having a great time, you should try and get in on the act

  • All you people posting the religious posts need to stop. That one fucking quote from Leviticus is so damn tired. Everyone uses that. Do really think if there was a God, He or She would be so stupid as to base an entire philosophy on one small verse? One verse in the Bible makes up a whole philosophy? Use your heads! Stop being so goddamn fundamental. DO some historical criticism and you'll find out that the Bible has a lot of surprises. And stop making all these good people feel fucking guilty!!

  • STFU

  • If you want the commitment-free sex of your life, definitely talk to her about it.

    tell her you put two and to together and are interested in making it a triangle.

    I've read about bestiality for some time, and getting diseases has not been a thing. Of course, you want to be healthy, and the furry dude to be healthy too.....

    use privacy mode on your browser and look it up....the truth is out there

  • I'd ask her, but, take it as-is. My hot older sister used to have a ball python in her old apartment, and would let it slink and crawl all over her body, including down below. I witnessed it several times, and thought it was incredibly hot and erotic. She did it one weekend I was helping her move furniture, almost putting on a show for me, lying on the floor as the snake made it's way around her, then admitted she got off on it. Joked was the biggest snake she ever had!

    No harm came to her that I know of, so, guess the black lab is similar. I'd love to see my hot sister with the ball python again, to be honest.

  • So would I ..thats fuckin hot !

  • What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul; or what shall a person give in exchange for his soul?

    Do you know who asked that question? Google it

  • Well it certainly won't be and wasn't me!

  • I would recommend you pay more attention to what is going on before you ask about it. Some women squirt when they orgasm. My wife will masturbate and leave a dinner plate sized wet spot on the bed. If you do bring it up, I would be careful to avoid either her or your embarrassment.

  • It's just piss idiot.

  • No its not, do some research idiot.

  • Some women have died after having an allergic reaction to the dogs semen. Be careful.

  • I have let my Doberman lick my vagina many times I would sit on the couch with my legs splayed wide with my eyes shut, the next thing I knew he had mounted me and was deep inside me which I didn't want, I tried to push him off but he growled at me I had to let him carry on, thankfully he didn't take long, so be carful don't put your self in a vulnerable position some times you get what you don't want,

  • Bet you loved it though? Have you been mounted. Y him again since?

  • Great ,love beastly fun

  • You are a sick Bitch.

  • I had a different similar situation that I didn't expect to happen, to cut the story short he got it up the wrong hole

  • No such thing as wrong hole

  • My wife also does this quite often, if she isn't fucking our dog she is fucking her boss. Most women that I know love the taboo of this and it is amazing. You cant get pregnant or anything like that, no worries.

  • Don't be upset ,,, she just had doggies sex,,,,

  • Fucking a dog feels really amazing even tough i am a male, ive had sex with my dog for like four times already and i love getting knoted by him.

  • NO, it's quite common. It is fucking awesome. I love sucking and fucking any big male dog

  • Do you swallow your dogs cum?

  • Yup sure do.

  • I wanna see

  • I wish I could fing a gf like that .. so hott

  • I been fucking my dog only she a bitch and as a nice tight cunt she is and a labrador i saw her standing in the kitchen and as she was wagging her tail i saw her doggy cunt and decided i wanted to put my dick up her so i got on the floor and mounted her from behind as i put my dick in her pushed back and my dick was all the way in her doggy cunt and i bagan to fuck her. she started wimpering as i fuck my dick in and out of her. i felt my self starting to cum so i pull her back leg onto my cock and fired all my cum in her doggy womb. now she won't leave my side and keeps sniffing and licking my dick.

  • I think that you are having the best sex of your life. At least she will be faithful unlike the human bitches.

  • I have a Newfoundland and have been fucking him for two years. Husband thinks it's funny.

  • If sex with a dog is not for you, then keep it to yourself.
    If you are curious, ask her a question, while revealing that you are shocked, but curious.
    Check out a few porn videos of women and dogs (from licking to fucking) and see if you get moist. If you do, tell your sister about it.
    You are lucky to have access to an un-altered male dog, should you find your curiosity is driving you to a new experience.

  • Yum yum these posts make me so hot I have lick my dogs asshole but now it time he lick me ;)

  • It is so good!! put some peanut butter on your ass and enjoy!!

  • Others have said they have had sex with a dog or been licked out by a dog.
    So it does happen.
    And its best not to tell her.
    As she is enjoying it.

  • I've done it at the urging of my ex. Freaky, but yeah, can be good. He also had a male lab who had already...ahem, serviced a few other human ladies... Dog knew what to do. We used to put his feet in socks so his nails wouldn't cut me. When the socks went on his feet, he knew he was going to get some pussy and got excited.I would kneel and lean over the seat of a chair and he would mount up and start humping. Sometimes he needed a little help finding the spot but wow...once he was in. I was scared to death the first time, but I got to enjoy it. It was such a turn on to hear him panting just before he mounted me, and then to feel that frantic thrusting until he penetrated. He would go like a machine once he was in, hard and fast. My favorite part was feeling him swell up -- no human will ever fill you like that ladies. And dogs make more cum. So hot. BF would jerk off while watching and then I'd suck his dick while the dog and me were knotted. No regrets other than we did take video and I'm not sure where those are.

  • Fantastic I want to get back into this ,me and my sister used to love it she still sucks off her Doberman n Scottie I miss the opertunity greatly now really would like to be involved again with family fun n dogs again in the uk .

  • "'Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion. Leviticus 18:23

  • A man is allowed?

  • Good thing jesus rewrote the bible in the new testimate and we dont need those old laws, he never mentioned animal sex that i know of. god was such a dick before jesus came along

  • I'm a single dad and we have a doberman. After having to rescue my daughter when she was playing with the dog and got knotted it was easier to get over the weirdness of it. At first I thought it was sick but then I realized the benefits of it.

    -She won't ever get pregnant from the dog.
    -I don't ever come home and find that she sneaked a boy into the house.
    -When she is horny she gets sex without having to play mind games with anyone.
    -It makes the dog happy and she takes really good care of him.

    Sometimes she'll call me in to hold the knot back from entering her and when I do this it does excite me to the point of being aroused by my daughter. She's offered to blow me or let me fuck her but it's bad enough that I'm allowing her to have sex with an animal and participating to make sure she doesn't get hurt.

    Did I mention she can't get pregnant.

  • I am 15 and dad has allowed me to have my dog in my room at nights and he knows he's fucking me. My Rotty Tuka is four years old and he's been fucking me for well over a year. Yes I was 13 the first time Tuka got me and I will never forget it. I use to let him lick me almost nightly for like three months and h4e'd get me off and he always looked disappointed after I made him stop. One day I was getting some boxes from beneath the bed and Tuka cam up behind me immediately go on my back and started jabbing at me with his cock and he hit the right spot after about 20 misses and he went crazy. I never seen any animal that went so fast and all of a sudden I felt a lump going in and out of me and Tuka pulled himself tight against my ass and in his cock went and he held himself still. He was panting up a storm and I felt his cock swelling. God he got so big none of my toys filled me like he did and I could feel the warmth of his cum squirt after squirt filling me. I hurt a bit from the size of his knot especially when he4 tried to get off of me when he turned around. We were totally stuck together for a good 50 minutes till his knot shrunk down enough for him to pull from me and when he did I bet a cup of his cum shot out of me and I still had more in me. He went to the corner and started in cleaning himself that's when I saw his still mighty hard cock, a good 8 inches pointed tip and very thick in the center. I couldn't believe I had all of that in me. I was sore and my insides felt like it was on fire and I hurt a bit. A week later my insides no longer hurt and I let him do me again this time rather getting poked with his hard tip I guided him to my puss and he went right at me digging his claws into my sides he pulled himself tight against my ass and I felt his knot grow rapidly inside of me and this time he stayed in me for over a hour, all the time pumping his seed into me.

  • I fuckin love this story ..mmm tell us more

  • Leviticus 18:23 "'Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.

  • Good for you. I've always felt that people are a bit hung up about you're daughter's past time. Please ignore the people telling you to f*** your daughter, not because incest is sick (it isn't, in my opinion) but because the power imbalance would make for an unhealthy sexual relationship.

  • Do have sex with your daughter. Anything she wants you to do. You will find that it is some of the best sex you will ever have. And she might like you better than the dog! Good Luck!!

  • Wait, what?

    You're not only condoning, but physically helping your daughter in a bestial relationship with a dog... but you draw the line when she offers to service YOU?

    Odd sort of morality.

  • Dear Dad, good for you for helping her. I started having sex with dogs very young and had a similar situation not realizing how big a knot could get and
    I panicked when I couldn't get him out of me. However you must be a very strong person to not want to at least rub her clitoris to help her climax or just put your penis in her a couple of times. Believe me she's got the best of both as long as she's enjoying it. Also you may want to help her with some positioning and to have the dog penetrate her before he swells therefor knotting inside which is the best climax ever!

  • I wish you would have been my dad. I loved sucking my dogs dick and making him lick my clit.

  • Wow! women really like to suck and swallow if they will force suck a dogs dick! i have a dick full of cum, suck mine!

  • After reading all this, and the comments.. i feel that i really want to try having a god licking me, im kinda soaked

  • Once you get over the weird side of it, its the best thing you can imagine

  • Please don't worry...your sister is fine she's just discovered what lots of other women have (including me lol)...that sex with dogs is amazing and to her about it...who knows, you may decide you wanna try and get hooked yourself...keep us posted!

  • Thats was pretty much it for me. I didnt want to but when I came from him licking he was so fast and it was too late to stop him. After the shock of it I relaxed and it started feeling so good that I didnt want it to stop.

  • I think a lot of women who have dogs have sex with them. It starts with them smelling their crotch, and then licking them and once they let them do that and start getting orgasms, either their dogs figure out how to get in there or the women decide to want to try other things. Some feel bad about how hard and frustrated they get and suck them off, and others go for sex too. Then it becomes a regular thing with a dog like with a guy.

    I mean think about it, if a dog is between a womans legs eating her pussy like crazy and then she starts coming, all he has to do is mount her missionary and shes probably so wet he slips right in there and fucks her. After that happens shell want to try it doggy, which is why they call it that.

  • So great girl could not have said it better wish I knew you

  • I live with my mom and we have a german shepard thats four years. Hes been real botherin me lately, always stickin his nose down there and tryin to hump me on my bed when im asleep. I read about the smell and stains and I think my mom is dooin it too. Ive come home a couple times and it smells like vag and dog in her room and someitmes theres wet stains on the carpet. She hasnt been with a guy for a year and i think maybe thats why. Im thinkin that maybe now he wants me too.

  • So get your panties down spread your legs get your arse in the air and have the best fucking of your life....

  • Good for your mom. She's smart and lucky. You should try it. It's AMAZING

  • I read this and talked my girlfriend into doing it with her dog last night. Hes a smaller mutt that hasnt been fixed yet and hes always trying to hump our legs so i figured he would be up for it, and he sure was. We were making out on her bed and when he started humping her I told her to just let him do it to see what would happen. She didnt want to at first but she eventually gave in. Pretty soon he was cuming on her jeans and she got pissed at the stains, so I said she should take them off. She called me a pervert but finally she took them off. All she had on was her panties and the dog went for those right away. She pushed him away but I could tell she was hot for it too, so i said she should let him lick her. I was kissing and playing with her tits as her dog was in between her legs licking her panties and I could see they were soaked from him and her. I reached down and started pulling them off and she helped me so i knew she wanted it. I went back to kissing and feeling her up as the dog started licking her pussy even more. She got really into it and when she spread her legs more the dog just came up on her belly and started humping right on her pussy. She came right away from that and thats when he got inside her and started fucking her super fast. It lasted a long time and I came twice just helping her and watching them. She said shes never come that much in her life and she wants to do it again tonight.

  • I had a gf who told me that she gave her dog a bj once just for fun when she was drunk. I thought she was was joking and wanted to watch her doing it. She said no until one night when she got drunk at a party. We were on her bed fooling around and her dog jumped up and he was all excited and his cock was sticking out. I dared her to suck him and she did. He got a lot bigger and I had no idea dogs could cum so much. After a while he started humping in the air like he needed to fuck and I dared her to let him do it. She got on all fours and he was on top of her right away and he was humping really fast trying to get it in and then she started screaming and coming over and over as he fucked her like crazy for a half hour. Afterwards there was so much cum flowing out of her pussy it was nuts. She admitted she had done it with him many times before.

  • I have a friend who lets her dog lick her pussy quite often. It's something I think a lot of girls do. My friend was kind of afraid to let her dog fuck her, because he's a pretty big dog, but she finally worked up the courage to do it and she said it was awesome! She told me it wasn't anything like having sex wih a guy, but it felt really good once she stopped being afraid. She does it once or twice a month if her regular fuck buddies aren't available. If you're curious about it, talk your sis and maybe let her dog lick you a few times.

  • 9 “There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. 20 At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores 21 and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores. 22 “The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. The rich man also died and was buried. 23 In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side. 24 So he called to him, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.’ 25 “But Abraham replied, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony. 26 And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.’ 27 “He answered, ‘Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, 28 for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’ 29 “Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.’ 30 “‘No, father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’ 31 “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

  • All those people have been dead a long time, if there is still a good hes abandon us, where are the prophets?

  • I caught my sis sucking my dog once. It was real gross looking, his stuff was dripping down her chin and her top was all messed up from spraying on her. I think lots of girls like to try stuff like that.

  • I like it lots and my best friend too

  • I want to fuck your mouth, before the dog does!

  • I swear its the best fuck ever but theres lot of cleanup after. they can cum a glassful and it can take an hour doggy-style

  • I do it an its so hot an dirty u woulnt believ it. If your gonna try be carful until your used to it. Its not like a man its lots faster and lasts lots longer too. Once he starts you cant stop him either until hes all done.

  • Ur kiddin right but theres more of this on the web so idont know lol

  • I have a friend that did it and she told me I should try it. She told me theres a thing at the back that grows big and it can get stuck inside you for a long time and that they last and come lots more. Its real weird but she says its a lot better than with a guy. I dont think I could

  • It happens a lot more then people think. i know a few women that do it too and they said they know more. i havent heard of anything bad from it but i really dont know. it sounds like shes not hidding it too much so maybe you should bring it up, but its up to you really. i think you have to be very careful with that dog because ive heard that once they do it with one woman they always try to with others and they can try to force you.

  • Hell, any guy will go back to a bar where he's gotten laid. Same thing with a dog - teach him where he can get some and he'll keep going back.

    Just like any good trainer you need to be the one in charge and train him to wait and meet your needs, not his.

  • Hey my old lady got me out of my mind drunk about a week ago, and all I know I was laying on my pillow on the floor of the family room watching tv. I woke up later hands tied to the couch legs, feet tied to the chair legs and our next door neighbor sucking my dick. I knew he was a fruit and stayed away from him, but my wife always wanted me to try this shit. I could not get loose. well, then he put his dog on my ass. licking my balls driving me nuts. They propped my ass up with pillows and the dog went to town on me, and it did not feel good. I told that bastard if he put his dick close to my mouth I would bite it off. Well, next morning, fit to be tied, no pun intended, she let me go. I am one for pay back. She hates interracial couples, makes her sick. Well, I have a black boy that works with me that is hung like a horse. Guess who is going to get bombed next Friday night......guess what that bitch is going to wake up pump away on her. Now that is going to be sweet pay back. Oh yeah, and I am looking for a big dog to borrow as well. Pay back is hell!!!

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