Night Shift Nurse

I cheated on my future husband when we were engaged with a hot older doctor I worked with. I was 26 at the time and he was in his 50s. He would flirt with me on a regular basis and give me shoulder rubs. One night while we were working the night shift together he started asking me about my sex life. I told him that I had only been with my fiancé sexually. He whispered in my ear that we could change that and slid his hands down the front of my scrub pants to untie them. I was shocked at first but really turned on and wanted him to take me right there at the nurse's station. He pulled my scrubs and underwear down, gave me a smack on the ass, and bent me over the counter. I did not protest and felt his large dick penetrate me. He felt amazing and fucked me like a jackhammer, smacking my ass, and telling me how tight my young pussy was. It got me so hot that I came twice before he pulled out and squirted all over my ass. I felt a little guilty afterwards but have definitely thought about this fuck during many a session with my vibrator.

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  • B*LLSHIT! This is a shorter version of someone elses post...

  • My boss is 52 and I'm 31 and I would love him to take me like you were taken. He is gorgeous and his wife is a fat pig. I catch him looking at me from time to time. I just want him to make the first move. You were soo lucky!

  • That is really hot! I bet he was married. You only fucked him once? Sounds like you both could have used a steady fuck buddy?

  • Yes just the one time. I felt too guilty afterwards to do it again, but I definitely think about it a lot because of the spontaneity and the way he took me.

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