I blew my friends dad

Im 23 years old, female and two weeks ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. My best friends dad owns the resturant where I work. Im a bartender and he pretty much lets us do whatever we want as far as drinking goes. I was closing and stayed after drinking with the staff and him. My best friend was out of town and not working that weekend. I still don't know why or how it happened, but I went into his office after the other two employees left...and I sucked his dick. He asked me to do it..and I didn't say no, I just looked down. He asked a couple times and then unzipped himself. I looked and saw that he was holding it in his hand and then looked him in the eye and he said "please". In the moment, with too much alcohol pumping through my viens, I don't know what came over me, it felt so hot just in that second and...then I did the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life. I did it...I sucked his dick...i sucked until I felt him jerk and I then tasted the unmistakble salty flavor of his cum. He kissed me on the forehead after and said "thank you".
I feel so stupid, so unbelievably stupid and cheap. I havnt told anybody and I feel horrible everytime I go to work or talk to my best friend. I literally have tears rolling down my face as I type this. There is some relife though in putting this down on paper and knowing others will read it. I just feel like im going to explode holding it in and this is helping.


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  • Do it again, bet youd get a raise.

  • Don't feel bad, u made him feel like a man...he needed to cum and u did that for him, he appreciates u...

  • Still regret it?

  • My best friend father asked me if I woak up in the morning and I had a rubber sticking out of my ass would I tell anyone, my answer to him was no, then he asked me to let him butt fuck me and I walked over to him stood before him and said "well" he reached up pulled my panties off of me turned me around and started licking my ass and before long he had his cock ball deep into me fucking me hard god just as he filled my ass with his spunk I had a orgasm that just didn't seem to want to quit.

    He got up and went into the bathroom came back with a warm washcloth and cleaned me up kissing my puss and tell me thanks for he really need that and asked if I ever have given a BJ and I took his cock in hand and went right down on him licking and sucking even deep throating him but being he just fucked me I couldn't get him to cum again but I surely love the way he played with me as I sucked him. Then we heard the car pull into the drive way and we both got up but where are my panties? can't I keep them he asked and I said yes and I no sooner sat back into the recliner and in walked his wife and daughter.

    Two days later he caught me outside walking to their house and he told me he really needs to get with me again and I told him tomorrow at 1pm in the woods and I pointed and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he'll be there as he patted my ass.

  • Well the good thing is you made sure to swallow all the evidence, like the slut you truly are. Betcha can't wait more more. heheh

  • Don't beat your self up over what happened and don't consume your self with thoughts of anger or regret or blame. All of that will just eat you up.

    Sure by todays standards it was wrong / bad / illegal and all the rest but it happened and that's just it.

    Sometimes we do things just for someone else. Other times we want more equal and sometimes we want something just for ourselves. In this case you gave to him. Maybe one day he will give something to you. You never know.

  • No reason to think of it as a problem or something to regret. Consider it a fling (lots of people -- men and women -- have them), and chalk it up to an effort to gain experience. HE is the one who should feel regret: if he'd handled it better, he could have turned it into a long-term relationship with a beautiful and highly-sexed woman and gotten to know how sensitive and caring AND RESPONSIBLE you are. AND how good you are in bed (not just in the office). Now, he's completely lost that chance. His fault. His loss. If he comes back for more (and it's likely he will), laugh at him. Out loud. And say, "We had a moment, honey......but it's passed." Then laugh again. Laugh right at him.

  • Just quite the job and forget whatever you did that time...

  • We all want head from younger women but I feel he should have used better judgement himself in this situation. You are his daughters friend. He kind of put you on the spot since you worked for him. If you were both sitting on the couch and started making out before hand it would be different. But to ask one of my daughters friend to suck me off is a no no. Just don't beat yourself up over it. Your only human and did nothing wrong.

  • Good girl

  • Perhaps one of the reasons you're feeling so bad is because you feel like it's your fault. But he is the one who put you in that situation.

    As it stands:
    1) He never should have asked an employee to commit a sexual act
    2) he should not have asked it of an inebriated person who, while still capable of knowing right and wrong are more susceptible to suggestions/requests
    3) he should not have asked his child's best friend. Considering that you all are likely to interact in an informal environment, it was...wrong. I have nothing against younger/older couples, but this situation was not appropriate.

    I think you should find another job if it would make you feel better. In terms of your best friend, I think that if they cared about you, they would understand. Just keep things simple.

  • I think you are making far too much of it. 10 years down the line, you`ll be wishing you`d done it again and fucked him. The reason why you feel bad, is that YOU have been programmed by the established society to feel the way you do.

  • Okay, so not your best moment, but it doesn't have to define you. Just make smarter decisions in the future. Maybe quit your job (if you can), so you aren't put into that position again or he doesn't expect it again. Probably not something you want to share with your friend. Just move on from this.

  • Thank you. I havn't quit yet and don't know that I will. It has not happened again and he pretends like it never happened. As far as I can tell. nobody knows. Im embarassed by what I did. He's my firends dad...old enough to my dad..I don't know what I was thinking. But, im starting to think this can be a one time mistake and move on. I have stopped drinking at work. That was easy to explain, just told my friends I wanted to loose weight. Thanks for the help

  • Your big problem is that you can not spell an easy word like "lose".

  • I am willing to overlook spelling limitations for superb head! LOL

  • If say I worked for my friends mother and she was older but very attractive and wanted to fool around I probably would. So don't beat yourself up over this.

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