My wife of 24 years has known since before we were married that I love to dress as a woman and get fucked in the ass a couple of times a year at least, since covid hit I haven't had much opportunity so my wife suggested visiting a gloryhole as she could tell it was really getting to me.
I asked if she was sure she was ok with me being used by multiple unknown men s it is usually an arranged meet with one of a small group of men I had always gone with.

She said she was fine with it and even drove to the location as I didn't know of it, I spent around three hours sucking and being fucked by several men and had cum everywhere, when I walked out of the cubicle I had been in my wife was pointing a camera at me and began calling me all sorts of names likes slut sissy and cum-whore to the jeers of a large group of men that I recognised as her cousins and some of their friends.

My wife has now filed for divorce and is threatening to use the video from that day if I don't give her everything and just leave, so in revenge I have given her family evidence of her having an affair with her step father, step brother and her actual father including texts pictures and a dvd of her being fucked by her step father and brother together.
I have told her she can use the video as it actually shows her cousins faces and even if she blurs it she gave me an unedited copy as proof it existed... dumb bitch.

Jul 6
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    • Women are like cats. Advice, never tell your deepest and darkest secrets to them and never think you can trust a friend or counselor with that info. as sooner or later they will tell, thinking they are being virtuous or for some other self seeking reason. Trust NO ONE with any info about yourself that c ould destroy you!

    • Actually you’re both dumb bitches. But who’s counting?

    • Women will turn on you in a minute. Keep your dark secrets to yourself. Always keep dirt on the..

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