Punished for my wife’s past

My now ex wife was a pretty petite woman 5’1” with store bought tits (36d) she weighed 118lbs.

Her story was that When she was 7 her mother pimped her out to old men who would fuck her pussy and ass. She is very petite so it hurt. They didn’t care. This went on until she left home at 16. Her younger sister experience the same treatment. She is another crazy

When I met her she had episodes of anger. Scary shit but quickly recovered. I discovered that I was the target of her anger based largely on things that happened to her as a young girl.

She would occasionally tell me she wanted to hurt me. I would ask her why? And what did I do to deserve it. That would satisfy her for a while.

I came home after work one Friday and she was in a mood. We ate dinner and I fell asleep watching TV. I discovered later she had drugged me.

When I woke up I was tied naked face down on our ottoman. I had a ball gag in my mouth and my knees were on the floor. My legs were spread allowing my cock and balls to hang off the ottoman.

My wife was sitting on the sofa when I awoke. She was naked except for black high heels. She explained that she was naked so I would get hard.

As my head cleared the doorbell rang. My wife said ‘punishment time’ and laughed as she got up to open the door.

I heard the voice of her sister and another woman from My wife’s circle of friends. She explained she wanted my cock to remain hard and suggested they undress. They did.

I was rock hard when my wife put on a devise that kept me hard. The women laughed and ridiculed me. My wife’s friend saw my clothes in a pile and removed my belt from my pants.

“Let’s get things started” she said and began to whip my ass hard with the belt. She must have hit me 29 times before my wife announced it was her turn.

Over the next few hours I was ass ducked with a 14” huge dildo, fist fucked by my wife continuously whipped with the belt across my ass, back, thighs and balls.

During a rest stop for them my wife put her heel clad foot on my ass and pushed her heel up my ass as they laughed. When she pulled it out she pressed the heel against my cock and pushed hard l. I screamed the best I could and that upset her. She stood and kicked me hard in the balls.

I must have passed out. What woke me was the feeling of growing heat on my ass. They stuck a candle in my ass and lit it. As it burned down the hot wax dripped on my balls and cock and the flame burned my ass.

She told me if I wanted it out that I would have to shake my ass. I did and managed to put it out.

They stuck all kinds of things in my ass including a bunch of ice cubes.

They jerked my cock and told me not to cum. If I did I would be punished. I fought hard not to cum but they made sure I did.

I passed out a few times from the pain. When I woke the last time I was on my back on the floor and tied spread eagle

My cock and balls were repeatedly kicked and stomped on. I had something in my ass. They removed the gag and rubbed their pussy and assholes on me face. I had to lick them or be punished.

I woke the next morning alone naked bruised and sore on the living room floor

Jul 4
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The Pussy is to blame

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    • I want to be abused like that. I want my pussy to be abused so bad. Fisted multiple times. I had to fuck animals to make my man happy. Now I will fuck anything that goes in my pussy

    • Sounds like fun. Why are you complaining

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