First time

When I was young I had a friend who's brother had a book called the joy of sex. We read it together and got naked alot rubbing our little hard cocks on eachother and holding ourselves in sex positions. One day I let him rest his penis in-between my bum cheeks and he held it there for a while lay on top of me, we did that on a few separate occasions, we would eventually just get up and get dressed and carry on normally. Then one time we found a little bottle of baby oil which we rubbed on ourselves and writhed around on the carpet naked, it always felt amazing just hugging and rubbing. Then one time it happened, we we oiled and on his bed and he slid his penis in-between my bum cheeks and held it there, this time though the oil helped it slide around and he slid his penis back and forth along my crack. This really turned me on and I bucked my hips a little to help him slide and the tip of his penis slid back and got a little jarred in my hole, it then slid forward again, but I stopped and asked him to try and push it in. There was enough oil to make it push in easily, I felt his cock slide inside me and it went as deep as it could. We held that position for a while the first time and just enjoyed it. Soon after we were doing it again, but he started sliding his penis back and forth in my tight bum hole. He couldn't stop this time and got faster and faster saying that he couldn't believe the feeling until he tensed up for 10 seconds and then relaxed on top of me. He said something wonderful had happened, we didn't know it then because we were young, but he had his first orgasm in my bum. For a few months after that we did it countless times. I also lost my virginity and had my first orgasm sliding in and out of his pert bum. I'm not gay, we both grew up and are happily married to women, I have zero attraction to men, but if I could go back then I would, I would even do it now as adults, but only with him.

Apr 6

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    • Same here!
      No anal penetration- but as 12 yr olds we sure as hell had fun touching each others little blond dicks. Rubbing tight little firm ass cheeks!

      Tight little ball sacks....slim stiffies. One tome i looked at him as it was now my turn to touch him....and I could not help it. I leaned over him and put him in my mouth and love on his penis with my mouth! It felt wonderful!
      Neither of us came. But the touching was a ma a z in g!
      We both married and had a slew of kids. I met him again after 60 yrs at my brother's funeral. We just smiled and shook hands!

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