I am looking for a lady employer that

Want her employees to worship her feet

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    • I love licking my wife's feet and I would be more than happy to lick my boss's feet, especially if they have been barefoot in heels all day. Nice and sweaty just the kind I like.

    • If she wore hosiery, especially suntan or nude, I would gladly worship her feet and legs.

    • I recently found out what 'toe cleavage' is and that it's a fetish. lol
      F/22 & I was wearing ballet flats with a khaki skirt when my boss told me he loved my sexy 'toe cleavage'. At first I was a little confused until he pointed out and explained.
      He begged me to try it with pantyhose. I did.
      For the rest of our shift, the flirting got hot. I went to his place after work. He kissed my toes then pounded it out of me.

    • What a stupid prick you are.

    • Talking in the mirror again. You will always have that idiot looking back at you.

    • I'm a 45 year old paralegal. My original boss retired during Covid so I was assigned to another lawyer. From the start, D*** age 30 was obsessed with my feet. We were working late and I'd took my pumps off and he offered to give me a foot massage. I noticed he'd gotten hard while rubbing my feet.
      Since that first incident, things progressed into a foot massage while I'm wearing nylons and his penis is out. I've also given him countless blow jobs.
      He tells me all the time as an inside joke, "You know how to make your boss happy." lol

    • He should just worship your feet , no blow hobs , that will make a perfect scenario with the employee worshiping his lady boss

    • Nah , no blow jobs or other stuff of that kind , no , just foot worship for the lady boss from an adoring employee :D

    • I’m a 43 year old married female boss and I would for sure hire a guy to worship my feet but he would have to take care of my other parts also

    • If my fucking comments get finally posted i could express my appreciation for what you said and tell you that you are just the kind of woman that i would love to have as a boss

    • I’m a better boss in the bedroom😜

    • So yeah , you should try to see if one of your employees would love to worship your feet

    • Very good , but trust me , what i suggested is extremely satifying for all the people involved, give it a try , it just take to find and adoring employee clever enough for now tell anyone

    • You are my dream come true. I can do that.

    • I want you to

    • Be careful what you wish for. I worked for a female. She was 34 and I was 24 and just out of college with an accounting degree going for my CPA. Men had to wear a shirt and tie while in the office and women had to wear dresses or skirts and pantyhose. Jan was our Manager and she dressed to the nines. Her husband is in the Air-force and is gone most of the time.
      She likes me and likes me too much. She has me on my knees head up her skirt or dress licking her pantyhose covered crotch sucking her pussy and telling me she’s going to fuck my brains out one day. I swear my tongue is getting calloused from her pantyhose. One day she had cut the cotton crotch out and I was eating her pussy and she told me her husband got home late last night and fucked her this morning. She didn’t have time to get cleaned up either or she would have been late this morning.

    • Too funny. I've hired usually younger, hot women with very long, polished nails to work for me on an independent basis, most know I have a huge fetish for their nails early on if not when I first talk to them, and know I want, need to have at their nails at some point. I was showing one how to work a program on my home office computer one weekend, she'd just had her nails done a hot, jet-red color (my way favorite), and I ended up taking her hand, examining, complimenting, and tasting every finger on both of her jet-red hands. She loved it, even sighed a few times, and half-joking asked "Did you only hire me because of my nails?", adding a "It's ok if you did, I like this job and what you just did to them".

      I told her, to be honest, not fully, but, yeah, mostly. I love very long, polished nails, yours are just gorgeous (as was she), I like your work for me, and there will be extra cash involved every time I do this, meaning, have at her long nails. We had a great thing going until she moved out of state. Damn I miss her.

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