Something to drink?

Whenever my female neighbors come over I always make sure that they have something to drink topped off with my cock stirring it And hidden camera in the bathroom there’s just something about a woman pissing and shitting or changing s tampon that excites me. I also like comparing their pussies,if by chance I hire one of them to clean my house I try to make sure they find naked pictures of me my cock balls and asshole stashed in a few places I arrange them a certain way so that I know they’ve been looked at I used to do the same thing when my stepdaughter would come home from school that way she knew with my cock look like I would make sure to catch her with the pictures in her hand asked her what she was doing embarrassed she would just say curious and I would ask her so you wanted to see what I look like naked with my cock looks like? She would look me in the eye and say yes and I will take all my clothes off and make sure she had a good look sometimes have her touch it she would just start masturbating me without even being told to I said you know what I look like now I’ll takeoff your clothes and we see what you look like I want to see what your pussy looks like she would say are you serious? Well I’m curious as well so I’m embarrassed She would take her clothes off when she got to her panties she would slow down look me in the eye and say so you wanna see my pussy ok Then go get a chair take them off sit in front of me with her legs spread and then spread her lips and show me her pussy and ask me to eat it so I would and fuck her thoroughly sometime she would ask for money and I would tell her only if I can fuck your ass hole she would grin and tell me it was only for me surprisingly enough she said are you gonna fuck mom this weekend I said of course she said will you tie her and blindfold her? I said Why? She said she was infatuated with her mother and she wanted to eat her pussy in front of me without her knowing so I let her it was so fucking hot we fucked every day for years and she told me she wanted to bring a friend to join us and I said sure her mom was in Vegas for her 40th birthday so she had a friend come over and I said both you’ll be naked in bed when I come in she said OK I came in and it was her brother my stepson so of course I made him suck my cock she licked my ass hole he’s not gay but he said he had a thing you wanted to see me naked and suck my cock in front of his sister that was fantastic I came so hard then of course I had to try sucking his cock I stick my finger in his ass right before he came and he filled my whole mouth full of cum which I showed him and his sister before I swallowed it all and I told him we’re all out of control and I made him fuck my ass hole while his sister suck my cock and yes after a while Pat his mom spreadeagled and blindfolded told her I was going to bring a friend over but it was her son fucking her ass And her daughter eating his come out of her ass I’m going to show her the films of what has been happening to her the last year this weekend hopefully will all be fucking this is an a story it’s the truth

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