So a couple of nights ago, I went adult trick-or-treating and met two girls who claimed to be doing something called "cloving". Has anyone heard of this?

So this is when you don't wear underwear and let the lowest parts of your lady bits hang out.

My one friend wore a hooded sweatshirt and painted a skull on her face. The sweatshirt line was above her crotch edge. The other one had a form fitter skirt that also had her parts hanging below. Again neither had undies. In some cases you could see more than the bottom half of their pussies. Often we could see everything especially when they sat.

I was invited to join them but I didn't have it in me or even though I'm curious. They spent 5 or so hours this way in day light and at night. A lot of people saw this. Can someone answer? Was this a prank?

Is this really happening or like as a trend? Can girls get arrested for this?

25 days ago


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    • Who cares i would of eaten both if their cunts and then hand one sat on my face so I could eat her cunt and ass and the other one bouncing up and down on my cock.

    • No it is made up! A real fast way to end up in jail!

    • So hot mmmm

    • I can't find the term in any of my books of slang. The closest I've found online is the term "meat clove" used to define prominent labia. Yes, girls could be arrested for showing their meat cloves, in public.

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