Straight, but have a lesbian fantasy

I had a dream once after watching a softcore movie on cinamax and a year later, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm 25 single, no boyfriend or serious dates for almost 6 months. Never had a lesbian experience either and too nervous to act on it, but after reading stuff on here, I thought I'd share.
So I'm driving down a lonely back highway, it's dark and storming really bad. As luck has it, I get a flat tire. Hate me if you must but I was raised a girly-girl and don't know how to change a tire. As I come to terms with the fact that I'm stranded here until help arrives, a big 18 wheeler pulls up. The female driver (mid 40s, thick, tough but attractive) stops and checks on me. After my drenching from standing outside trying to hear her, she offers to give me a lift to a nearby truck stop where I could get some coffee in me and wait for my hero of a Dad to come rescue me. I climb up into the truck where it's nice and warm. My clothes are soaked, my hair's a hot mess and even with the heater on, I'm still shivering. The lady truck driver suggest that I get in the back and dry off, and offering me some dry clothes to put on. Now, I'm 5'3 slinder and she's much taller and like I mentioned, thick and curvy. So once I'm dried off, one of flannel shirts looks like a dress on me lol. I hop back into the front seat and thank her again for her kindness and tell her that once I get to the ATM I'll definitely compensate her. She looks over at me and gives me a look that makes me feel both nervous and excited. She moves her hand from the gearshifter and slips it between the buttons on the shirt I'm wearing and pinches my nipple, saying "oh I'm sure we can work something out". I'm in shock at this but at the same time, incredibly turned on. I sit there frozen as she tweeks and flicks my now rock hard nipple. She withdraws her hand and pushes the tail of the shirt up, exposing my bare legs and spreading my legs. I can't believe this is happening as she slips her hand down. I become instantly wet, to which she smiles, pulls back her hand, and exits the road - pulling onto the shoulder.
I'm nervous and scared and excited and turned on all at the same time, as she leads me to the back part of the truck. There she takes off the shirt and quickly begins to kiss and lick my breasts. Her big hands find their way down to my pussy and pushes her finger inside me. Without realizing it, I am rocking my hips against her hand. She kissed me full on, her tongue probing my mouth. I kiss back. She lays me down and takes off her clothes, puts her hands on my knees and spreads me apart. Licks me and fucks me with her tongue as I squirm in guilty pleasure. As I come, she flips me over effortlessly, lifting my ass into the air. She grabbed my ass checks, and pushes as she buried her tongue in my ass. I'm panting now, feeling waves of passion flowing through me. She pulls back for a moment, and as I finally gain enough control to look back, I see her buckle a big black strap on dildo. I'm fucked silly in ever possible way she could position me. I was her little toy and made me say so. When she finally stopped, I laid there in a big wet heap. My tender pussy throbbing from the abuse it just endured.
That's all I remember, but wanted to share it. It's a big secret of mine and it feels good to finally express it.

2 months ago


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    • I am 19 and do have boyfriend but after reading your fantasy I may start hanging out at truck stops, it made me so hot and wet .

    • Would you do it again with the same type?

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