Total humiliation

Let me start by saying I am a very private person. Just the thought of reliving this story humiliates me every time. I know that you guys are visual creatures so this is what I look like. I am 5’5’’ and 132 pounds. I am in good shape and my measurements are 34c- 24- 33. My husband thinks I’m hot and I would hope so!
OK, so this happened several years ago. My husband and I had playful sex the evening before I had my annual GYN examination. That morning I did the usual clean-up prior to heading to my appointment. For you guys that involves shaving, douching, hair, make-up and smelling nice. Just telling you this is embarrassing.
I arrived for my appointment. I have been seeing my GYN since my first period. He is my mother and sisters GYN as well. He has seen me grow up. I put on the gown that covers little. He examined my breasts. Then came time for my least favorite part, the pelvic exam. Argh!
He wasn’t down there but a few minutes when I heard him say “hmm!” as he turned to reach for a tool. I asked ‘what’s wrong?’ and got no reply. A minute later he said ‘this is a bit unusual. How well do you know your paperboy?’ i told him he’s a nice boy and asked why he was asking. He produced a red rubber band that is used to wrap around the paper for delivery. ‘This was inside you.” He said holding it in the air. I turned 7 shades of red. My idiot husband was messing around and wanted to stay hard so he pulled the rubber band off the newspaper on our nightstand and put it on his erection. Well, it obviously came off inside me and now I had to explain this to my doctor. I have never been so humiliated in my life.

1 month ago

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    • I lost my keys for like a week and guess where they were?

    • God that is so fake dude. Gynecologist don't recommend douching period. Douching would have flushed the rubber band out. You shower and go see the doctor. Thats it! They want to see the natural you shaved or not idiot. Oder or lack of it is a clue to your overall health. Plus women can feel foreign objects in their vagina idiot. Like when an IUD slips out of place or a condom that is left in there and of course a rubber band.
      Stop writing as a girl stupid.

    • A douche is not a pressure washer. Every woman I've been with preps for that visit. As for feeling, I doubt any woman has ever felt you inside.

    • Your a douche. I did douche and it didn't come out.

    • You should see some of the things people find in my cunt.

    • let me see your cunt

    • Fuck off jerrybob

    • I shaved my cunt to look like Hitler do you wnat to see

    • Yes let me see the Führer

    • Doesn't seem like that big a deal. Why be embarassed?

    • I too uses thick rubber bands for sexual enhanced pleasure. But ensure it is not left in the pussy.

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