I really love him, but IDK . . . . .

Back before Thanksgiving last year, I went to work for a smallish temp agency that schedules, prepares reports and provides staff for product inventories to certain types and sizes of stores in our area. I began by doing simple administrative work but soon was also involved in supervising te inventories, too. By New Year's Day, I was ass-deep in an affair with the married owner of the business. I use that description because I woke up Jan. 1 with him in my bed AND. In my butt [he is so big it takes my breath away!!!!!]........... and I was in love. Couple inconvenient facts: (1) i'm 19 and he's 47. And (2) His wife also works in the business and she's my supervisor.......... and she hates me (because I think she kinda knows her husband is on me) Another twist, on Valentines Day we actually told each other we were in love and agreed to eventually get married. He said he would leave his wife and fire her and put me in charge of marketing immediately (with commissions, meaning much more money) IF I would get a breast aug -- that he would pay for --with 800cc silicone implants. That would take me out to about an "E" Cup. He says that big boobs would make a fortune for us both. I really do love him, and I would REALLY love to end his marriage AND his family AND start our own, but I just don't know if I trust him 100%. When he's inside me everything is much clearer in my brain,because he's just so god damn huge, and all I can think about is him in there, and not wanting to share any of THAT with this wife. I don't really care much about bigger breasts, but I can tell if I got bigger he would love me more, so there's that. His wife is not even a "C", so she would not EVEN be any competition for me anymore if I was an "E"!!! Any ideas?

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  • If what he feels for you is really "love" it won't vary in quantity or quality according to the size of your breasts. So don't let him make you think he'll "love you more" if you get bigger boobs. Yes, you might become a more enjoyable toy FOR HIM, but right now all you are is a toy anyway. Be very careful with this guy, dear.

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  • Tell him you agree to his proposal, but in reverse order of the events. Tell him he has to give you her job in sales FIRST, at twice your current salary, PLUS the same commission rate he's paying her. You'll need a company car (which you pick out, since you'll be in the road a lot, a fleet credit card for gas, and a company charge card for the lunches and dinners you'll have to buy for clients and prospects. Once all that's been in effect for SIX MONTHS, then you and he can go to a cosmetic surgeon together (one that YOU CHOOSE), but you won't agree to any specific size except in consultation with the doctor. You should not change your body, or even commit to do so, until he's shown good faith of this own. Even then the will have to give you a written employment contract for at least one year from the date of your surgery. Of course, you can tell him if he marries you in the interim, you'll tear up the agreement.

  • This right here is the advice you should take. And get a prenup. When he gets bored with you (and he will. A guy like that can get any girl he wants. And he's clearly into younger girls) he'll dump you for something younger and tighter. Just make sure you cover your butt before he stuffs it.

  • So young and so naive. He will do the same thing he is doing to his wife to you.

  • One other good thing that might come from it is that he made me promise I would quit smoking. I did it once right when he made me to mromise but I only lasted for one month. Right now I am up to 7 weeks. If it lasts it will be worthwhile!!!!

  • You need to RUN!! Plenty of guys have big penises and more than willing to do anal with younger women. (Good on you by the way that’s pretty hot!) and I’m here to tell you that he will absolutely NOT leave his wife!! You may not want to hear this but he’s just having fun with you. especially if he’s asking you to change your body to suit his wants. If you don’t believe me ask him to change something huge about himself and see how he reacts.

  • Early in my career as a topless dancer, I agreed to allow a favorite customer to pay for my first boob job. He formed the idea in this head that, since he had "bought" them, they would always "belong" to him and he could touch and play with them anytime he wanted. Make sure your guy understands that the ONLY way he gets an all access pass is by divorcing his wife AND MARRYING YOU, not just by writing a check to the doctor. You need to get that straight with him so he's not always pawing at you and trying to use your body like a blowup fuck doll. Plus, if he was already literally up your ass after like a month, he's going to expect to stay there. You need to get that under control, too, until he puts a ring on it. One final thought: you should tell him he has to stop fucking his wife . . . . TODAY. You need to go to work putting as much pressure on that marriage as you possibly can. You want her to always be unhappy and unsatisfied. A miserable wife is an unappealing thing. Be his best option!!

  • I agree with the lady above that you must put their marriage under relentless pressure, to the point that it fractures and breaks like a fragile glass vase. When he's in or eating or fingering your cunny, make him say out loud how much better, sweeter, younger, tighter, hotter, wetter,and prettier yours is than hers. Judging from your initial post, I assume you're already reminding him that you're giving up the ass where she won't do that. But remind him EVERY TIME he penetrates your ass that "the bitch you married won't give you this . . . . so you HAVE TO keep coming HERE to get it." Send him little e-invites, asking him to "come by after work tonight AND. GET. IN. MY. ASS." Keep up the pressure until the marriage fucking crumbles. Act like you already own him . . . because you do. Dress like a street-walking hooker at the office. MAKE HIM LOOK AT YOU WHERE SHE CAN SEE HIM DO IT, but always deny it's intentional. Send him FILTHY sext messages, really perverted shit.

  • And do him in their marital bed and all over their house . . . EVRY TIME THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF. plus: when the two of you meet at their house, let him do your ass like normal, and then wipe his cock and your ass on her sheets and towels. You want her knowing that he does things to you that she doesn't allow to be done to her. You want those thoughts in her mind when she lays in bed at night and when she undresses to bathe. You want her to sleep and clean herself in what you leave behind when he fucks you with that great big dick you are taking away from her.

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